6 Major Types of Industrial Clutches and Brakes

By Steven Harrisson, July 23, 2015

Clutches and brakes are mechanical devices that are used for transferring the rotary motion from one shaft to another. The main purpose of the use of industrial clutches and brakes is ensuring optimal starting and stopping performance during certain industrial application.

Industrial clutches transfer torque through the use of parallel or in-line shafts. On the other side, the brakes have the ability to transfer the twisting force of the shaft, that is in rotating position, to a protecting flat rim (motor flange), or other part of the device that is fixed in one position.


The industrial clutches and brakes are distinguished in terms of torque and speed. Featuring different specifications, these mechanical devices are classified into four operation modes: start, index, slip and hold. The index mode is rated for both devices, whilst the start and slip modes only for the industrial clutches and the hold mode for the brakes.

There Are 6 Major Types Of Industrial Clutches And Brakes

  • Air Cooled Clutch and Brake

The air cooled industrial clutches and brakes are widely used due to their ability to perform adequately in wide range of applications. Main characteristics of this type of mechanical devices are low-inertia friction disc assemblies and favourable toque-to-size ratios.

  • Caliper Disc Clutches and Brakes

Featuring opposed piston design in a combination with symmetrical split construction, the clipper disc industrial clutches and brakes are the best choice for applications where great level of flexibility is required and breaking performance balance is needed.

  • Combination Clutch and Brake Packages

Providing proper functioning during wide range of speed levels and cycle types, the combination type of brake and industrial clutch packages, make a great contribution to big number of industrial applications

  • Constricting Clutches and Brakes

This type of mechanical devices feature wide span of torque capacities and other specifications, and are designed to answer the demands of a variety of applications, from light to most demanding.

  • Expanding Clutches and Brakes

For a variety of braking and tensioning applications in wide range of industrial devices, the expanding industrial clutches and brakes are top-priority solution. They span wide range of features and sizes and are classified into four main series.

  • Oil and Air and Oil Cooled Multiple Disc Clutches and Brakes

Featuring small envelope ratios and the oil cooled multiple disc brakes and clutches are used for applications with high torque.