All the Information You Need to Decide Whether a Pocket Springs Mattress Is for You

By Steven Harrisson, June 6, 2016

Purchasing a new mattress is a relatively serious commitment. Considering the fact that you’re investing in more than a decade of quality sleep, it is essential to know what is inside the mattress you are getting, and how it will benefit your body.

pocket spring mattress

How it is made

These mattresses feature a number of harden steel coils that are one by one inserted and sealed into a resistant material pocket. Then, each pocket is fused to each other until a large rectangle of pocket springs is formed. Many of the pocket springs mattresses available on the market today also feature various different zones of springs.

  • The springs around the shoulders and head of the sleeper are usually made of responsive firmer gauge wire which compress with mild to moderate force.
  • The springs around the feet of the sleeper are also made of a firmer wire, the same or similar to the shoulder and head.
  • The centre of the mattress is where the most support is needed. Thus, the springs around the hips and lower back need to be firmer or softer depending on the objective of the mattress.
  • Different manufacturers may add extra multiple zones to their mattresses to suit different sleepers’ needs.

What to look for in it

When shopping for a pocket springs mattress, it is of great importance that you try the mattress before you purchase it. Make sure that you also sit on the edges of the mattress to test for sagging and lie in different positions to see whether you can move easily.

  • Soft mattress– When you lie on your side, a soft mattress should fit into your body, alleviating the pressure from your shoulders and hips.
  • Medium mattress – Medium tension mattresses offer support for various sleeping positions.
  • Firm mattress – If you tend to sleep on your back or front, a firm mattress will offer you enough support to ensure your spine is properly aligned through the night.

Benefits of a pocket springs mattress

Since each spring is isolated from each other, these mattresses have an independent suspension and actually last longer. But one of the best things about this mattress is that you won’t disturb your partner while twisting and tossing at night, which makes it the ideal choice for restless sleepers. Furthermore, the appropriate support it offers helps reduce pressure point pain, helping people who suffer from back aches or painful joints to get a good night’s sleep.

How about a memory foam topper?

Choosing a pocket spring mattress that comes with a memory foam topper will deliver you an incredible comfort during your night’s sleep. It will provide you with the ultimate support from the pocket springs combined with the ability of memory foam to contour your body, reducing all muscle soreness and back pains.