Atomizer and Cartomizer Resistance Explained

By Ava Brown, July 14, 2015

When it comes to e-cigarettes, it is not just about getting the one that meets your eye in terms of design and price. You also need to know what an e-cigarette is, what it is made of and what does a larger battery mean. Moreover, when you are in a need of a new piece, for instance a new battery, you’ll come across certain terms you should be familiar with. Hence, you need to understand the e-cigarette terminology, before you start experimenting with any atomizer for Ecig and cartomizer.


  • Volts in Ecigs show at which rate the power flows from one source to another, in this case from your battery or mod;
  • Resistance measures the amount of power that is restricted, pretty much like stopping the water flowing from the hose you want to step in;
  • Watts measure the actual amount of power that flows from the source to the end;
  • Amperes, or ‘amps’ in e-cigarettes measure under how much stress the device is. To many amps mean that your ecig is producing too much heat which in turn can degrade and destroy the atomizer for ecig and all the other components.

The atomizer for ecig is probably the most important part of the device. So, when looking for a larger battery, you’ll come in contact with the term ‘resistance’. Here’s what this means and why it is important.

Why Is Resistance so Important?

Resistance is measured in ohms, and for general orientation, an atomizer for ecig with low resistance would have about 1.5ohms of resistance and the one with high resistance would have around 3.0 ohms of resistance. Resistance is highly dependable on the power source. When you reach 12 watts of power in your Ecig, you’ll taste a satisfying and flavourful vapor. If you go over 12 watts the taste will change into a putrid burned flavour which happens because liquid vaporizes faster than it’s fed into the heating coil.


So, How Does Low and High Resistance Atomizers and Cartomizers Fit In?

An atomizer for ecig with low resistance is generally designed to be used with a 3.7 volt battery for Ecig. The resistance here is about 1.5 ohms, so this combination allows for greater power of about 9.12 watts. With increased power, the vapor you’re going to produce will be just the right amount with a full flavourful taste. The important thing to remember here is not to use an Ecig smaller than the eGo e-cigarette, because anything smaller produces current of only 2.46 amps and leads to shorter battery life.

High voltage cigarettes on the other hand, go best with high resistance atomizers and cartomizers. They do restrict the current and reduce the amperige, and as a result you’d get a total output of 12 watts. What is most important with high resistance atomizers and cartomizers is not to connect them with low resistance attachments as the eventual result will be 4 amps and a prompt death of the battery and heating coil. The ideal combination would be an atomizer for ecig with high resistance of about 3.0 ohms, and a 6 volt battery which will give you around 12 watts of vapor production with 2 amps of current.