Discover the Benefits of Having Free Standing Clawfoot Bath

By Ava Brown, April 8, 2019

Nothing like a bath to help you soothe and relax, am I right? I’m not saying I’m not a fan of showers but when compared with a hot bath, I’d choose the latter any time. People have long known the therapeutic benefits of water, helping relieve stress and anxiety, and that’s exactly what a bath can do. With the help of the right bath you can also make all your senses awaken, surrounding yourself with the kind of luxury you’d expect to find in a five star hotel. Wondering which I’m referring to? Why, free standing claw foot bath of course! This is the type of bath that can easily transform your whole bathroom, becoming a statement piece of opulence you’re sure to love and enjoy.

Clawfoot Bathtubs1

You won’t be disappointed when purchasing because it’s versatile, available in different shapes, sizes as well as materials and colours, so depending on the amount of space you have in the bathroom (doesn’t matter if it’s a small one or big) as well as your taste, you can find the free standing claw foot bath made to suit your requirements. Moreover, with the quality they were designed they make a valuable investment for years given that they’re resistant to scratching and chipping. They bring about such elegance that even if you don’t add any other new fixtures in the bathroom, your room would be filled with sophistication and history considering they’re fashionable since the 19th century.

Clawfoot Bathtubs2

They were pieces of luxury then same as they are now so you’d be getting a bath design of timelessness. Okay, aesthetics aside, the design they have, providing more depth than built-in baths, makes them ideal for relaxation as you’d be able to fully submerge in the water, getting a spa-like experience. This is also due to the fact it can keep the water warmer longer, especially baths made from cast iron, so if you’re like me and like your baths long and steamy, this is the choice to make.

Also on the plus side one of their much needed properties is soundproofing, allowing you to experience a bath unlike one you’ve never experienced before, no sound, no vibration, just peace and quiet. You won’t be having a lot of trouble maintaining the cast iron bath, all you’d need is some natural cleaning solutions like lemon oil to keep it squeaky clean and have more time to enjoy the rejuvenating baths.