Exploring the Different Types of Curtains for Your Home

By Ava Brown, July 30, 2018


Once you have decided on the entire decor scheme in your home, it’s time to find the right window covering. When home, you want to have privacy, a full control of the light entering your rooms, and you definitely want your living space to feel and look comfy and stylish. No matter how simple and easy it sounds, choosing the right window treatment can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Curtains are the most common option when it comes to window covers. They offer endless possibilities when it comes to the choice of colour, style, and pattern – which is what makes them perfect for just any home d├ęcor.

Before making your final decision, keep in mind: curtains and drapes are two different things. Curtains are generally made of a lighter fabric than drapes. They are more casual and easy to maintain but they do not block the light, which is why they are oftentimes used in combination with blinds. They are family-friendly and affordable as well. On the other hand, drapes are made of heavier materials and offer a more formal look. When looking to buy curtains Australia shops have a wide range of types available. But, before making your final choice, it is important to understand the different types of curtains.

Rod pocket, or cased heading, are among the most common types of curtains available. They are simple to hang because the fabric has a pocket on the top that allows for a curtain rod to be slid inside. They are designed to be left open as decoration panels, which is why often times they are used along with sheer panels or blinds. However, if you frequently need to open and close them, then maybe this is not the right type of curtains for you.

Grommet, or eyelet, curtains offer a contemporary look, they are smoother and require less fabric. They are casual but cannot be attached to a traverse rod or paired with a valance. Tap top curtains are ready to hang and can be casual or more dressed up, depending on your preferences and the style of your interior.

Box pleated curtains provide a clean look with long vertical lines. They bring a touch of luxury to your space, which makes them the perfect choice for living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms. Pinch pleated curtains are a great choice for people who love the more traditional look. Whether attached to a traverse rod or rings, they can be a perfect addition to any traditional home.

Once you decide on the type of curtains, your next considerations are the colour and fabric. If you want to buy curtains Australia shops offer in their ready-made product range, your options will be more limited than if you opt for custom-made curtains. If you want to use your curtains for many years to come, stick to neutral colours. The material is also important – if the curtain is made from a fabric that’s too light, it may not fall well, on the other hand, if it’s made from a fabric that’s too heavy – it may not fold crisply. According to designers, silk, velvet, faux silk, and linen are some of the best choices of materials for curtains.

For the best look, make sure that your curtains perfectly fit your windows, which is why taking the measurements right is of utmost importance. Here’s a tip – if you want to make a room look more dramatic and taller, install the curtains far above the window frame and you will achieve the desired look.