Discover the Beauty of Urban Gardening

By admin, August 10, 2017

Even after all the advancements our world has gone through, particularly in this century we’re part of, we can’t deny there’s still something that remains unchanged; relationships, including those we have with plants. Now that most of the food we have at our disposal is processed, containing numerous toxins we don’t even know of, time has come to go back to our roots and grow our own food as much as we can through gardening.

modern planters indoor

However, since there have been a great deal of alterations in terms of lifestyle, the rise of urban areas on the account of the countryside has been considerable, which means there are many of us who live in urban areas with little to no space for gardening. If this is your case, you live in an apartment and feel like gardening isn’t for you, fret not! Now that there are modern planters indoor gardening (also referred to as urban gardening) can make your dreams come true of enhancing your green thumb skills and bringing your area to life with some greenery.

These modern planters indoor and outdoor suitable for any surface, were specifically created for the urban gardener, as they’re modular, have a self-watering with a built-in reservoir, which means you’re free of worrying about forgetting to water the plants, are built from high quality durable materials that are food safe and BPA free, and have a sleek aesthetic contemporary design to fit in your abode harmoniously.

This type of gardening is ideal if you’re a beginner, so you start small, and get in the habit of tending to different plants’ needs. Depending on the space you allow for an urban garden, you can start growing your own organic produce, choosing from the high quality organic seeds that would give you the desired outcome without the need to use synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides.

This means you can have all the fun of gardening, without the hassle of managing a large space, plus save on spending money buying organic veggies, and herbs, and even get to do your own natural fertiliser – compost.

If you’re using the planters inside, your home would easily get a transformation that would work wonders for your interior. It’s a fact plants can enhance any area they are set to, as they’re used as decorating elements (even in bathrooms!); now add to this the beauty of the sleek modern planters, and you get a fresh living area, that doesn’t just eliminate CO2 but also improves your mood, and keeps your belly full with necessary nutrients. If, on the other hand, you’re using the planters outside, say on a small balcony, you get your own zen area, that can also increase your privacy. Yay for urban gardens!