Discover the Benefits of Building a Modular Hotel

By Ava Brown, September 4, 2018

With its spectacular natural landscapes, unique wildlife, and long sandy beaches, Australia is a magnet for tourists. Last year, the Land Down Under welcomed an impressive 8.1million international travellers, which compared to the 5.3 million visitors in 2011 makes it a 50% spike! That’s great news, but all these tourists need to be housed somewhere and fast. To meet the demand for extra rooms, more and more hoteliers are looking into modular construction as a fast and innovative building method. If you’re a hotel owner considering to go modular, here are some benefits you can expect.


Reduced Construction Time

Modular units are manufactured in a special climate-controlled plant, away from the site they will be located on. Because of this offsite construction plan, it’s possible to start building the actual hotel while the foundation is still being laid. Additionally, the controlled building environment also eliminates any delays due to bad weather conditions or other site issues. As a result, modular hotel buildings can be completed in 30-50% less time than conventional site-built hotels.

Improved Quality

The fact that the construction process takes place in a controlled environment, means there’s a reduced risk of mistakes. All the materials are safely stored indoors without being exposed to any outside elements that can cause mould to develop. As a result, the building is less prone to structural damage. Furthermore, all the modules are constructed as separate units before being placed side-by-side. This means that when the whole building is assembled, each room will have walls, ceilings, and floors of double thickness. This double layer creates a more energy-efficient building, while also providing superior sound insulation which is essential for guests’ privacy.

Reduced Transportation Costs

When you’re building a hotel, obviously you want it to be located at an attractive site. And considering how many of Australia’s tourist attractions are far from the urban areas, it can cost a lot to pay for the labour and transportation of materials for an extended period of time. But, because they are built offsite, modular hotel buildings are an especially convenient choice for remote areas. The modules can be transported to the site in a couple of days (depending on the size of the hotel) while assembling them can take less than a week. All of this translates into significantly lower transportation costs.

Flexible Redesign

A great advantage of modular construction is that modifications to the existing hotel design can be easily performed without any fuss and disruption. For instance, if a hotel needs to expand its number of rooms, it can be done by constructing additional modules offsite that would then be assembled onsite in a timely manner. This allows the hotel to avoid having to close temporarily due to construction work.