Discover the Benefits of Having Your Very Own Spa Pool

By Ava Brown, November 10, 2017

For many of us Aussies, a home isn’t quite complete without a swimming pool. However, not all of us can afford to make such a grand investment. And even if we could, many homes simply do not have the space to a fit a swimming pool. That’s the reason why more and more people choose a spa pool instead of a standard pool model. Although you might not have considered it before, a spa pool is very versatile and can come with a lot more benefits than your regular pool. Here are a few.

Hot Tub

Enjoy the Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The spa pool is just that – a hybrid between a pool and a spa. And as such it carries all the benefits of those two things. It gives you enough space to be able to swim around, and it also provides you with a genuine spa experience. In a spa pool the heat, buoyancy, and water jets all work together to create a heavenly hydromassage experience. Soaking in pleasantly warm water feels soothing on the skin and increases your circulation. The water jets, on the other hand, give you a relaxing sense of weightlessness, which alleviates all the pressure in your muscles and joints. Through this relaxing massage you can experience the following benefits: complete, full-body spa treatment, pain relief, decreased tension, and relief of headache.

A Less Expensive Choice

Those searching for spa pools Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane wide can expect to find a model as low as 10 000$. Of course, the more features you choose to include, the more the price will go up. Additional features that can enhance your comfort and spa experience include TV and sound systems, LED ambient lights, waterfalls and much more. However, even if you do decide to include all those things you can expect to save some dollars regarding maintenance. Swim spas use less water and less chemicals to treat it which means that their upkeep can cost up to 4 times less than the costs of maintaining a pool.

Fun for the Whole Family

But the low costs and hydrotherapy jets aren’t the only things that make spa pools the ideal home addition for family people. Most spa pools Sydney stores offer are around half a meter high, which makes them perfectly safe for even the youngest members of your family. As a parent, you might even find that a spa pool due to being shallow and warm is the perfect environment for teaching a young child how to swim. Also, to give some additional peace of mind to parents, many pool spas also feature a lockable cover which prevents young children from accidentally falling in.