Discover The Benefits Of Hypnosis

By Ava Brown, January 12, 2015

Hypnosis is becoming a more popular way for treating numerous illnesses and addictions. It is a way of achieving a natural state where the patient is completely focused on self-exploration, healing and changes. This healing method has been present for over thousand of years and is still fascinating how it can alter and affect human mind. The experts of hypnosis in Melbourne have been using this treatment for many different purposes as it has proven to protect and promote health.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Although popular, many people still doubt this unproven, but very efficient healing method. The main reason why disbelievers do not see this alternative method as a trustworthy one is the misconceptions shown on the television and in films. But if you list all the benefits hypnotherapy offers, you’ll see that it’s worth the try. From improving the quality of sleep to quitting smoking and losing weight, there are so many ways one can benefit for hypnotherapy.

Better Quality Of Sleep – According to experienced hypnosis Melbourne professionals, hypnotherapy can really help improve the quality of deep-sleep. One recent study completed by Swiss researchers, who measured the effects of sleep hypnosis by monitoring brain activity, has shown great results. A group of young women was required to take a 90-minute nap while listening to a hypnotic tape. Women who were considered as most susceptible to the hypnosis spent 80% more time in deep sleep while listening to the hypnosis tape than they spent while listening to a basic text. If you experience issues inducing deep sleep, hypnosis is your best solution.

Lose Weight – Did you know that in Australia, 3 out of 5 adults are overweight, which is about 12 million of total population. This is why many hypnosis Melbourne experts suggest hypnotherapy. Easy, safe and side effects-free method, hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off. Of course, dieting alone can provide you with great results, but if combined with a hypnosis, the results may be up to 30% more effective. A month or two of hypnosis is enough to create a psychological basis for losing weight.

Nerve Calming Effects – As hypnotherapy is able to alter human mind, experts believe it has nerve calming effects. Hypnosis is often used for relieving anxieties related to medical procedures, such as giving birth, surgery, scan, etc.

Of course, to take full advantage of the hypnosis, it is imperative to find an experience and reputable hypnosis Melbourne clinic. Many claim to be practicing hypnosis, but not all are properly trained nor have the right knowledge to practice hypnotherapy. Make sure you do your homework beforehand. Ask friends, go online, read forums and other people’s opinion before you make an appointment with particular hypnosis Melbourne clinic.