Discover the Benefits of Oyster LED Fixtures

By Steven Harrisson, May 30, 2017

The lighting in our homes greatly influences how we feel, think and act. Whether it’s natural or created, the look and feel of ambient light can be a very powerful communication tool. Especially in parts of the home like the dining room, where the lighting has to be perfect so that you can truly enjoy the bliss of dining.

If you’re thinking about swapping out your old incandescent bulbs for the newer, more compact and sophisticated LED ones, you’re very likely to discover that the light quality is much different. In this article, we’ll help you learn the best ways to get the ideal ambient lighting in your home.

Oyster Light Fittings

First things first, you have to decide between cool and warm colours. Depending on the lighting effect you want to achieve, you can choose between many different lighting fixtures and temperatures. For instance, oyster light fittings with a colour warmth of around 3000K will provide a warm look and feel in the kitchen or dining room, while a 5000K lighting fixture will give the space a colder and natural daylight-alike lighting effect, providing you with all the visibility you need.

LED oyster light fittings distribute lighting across the room evenly, and most oyster light fittings are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the amount of lighting they emit as you deem fit. Moreover, this feature makes them suitable for almost all areas in the home, regardless of whether you want to add a little bit of elegance, class, or simply functionality.

The type of lighting fixtures you decide to go for will mostly depend on your personal preferences. With so many options available, you certainly won’t have a hard time finding what you’re into. The key is to experiment and find all the right spots in your home. Or, you can contact a designer to help you set up your lighting. Lighting is most certainly one of the most complex and technical areas of interior design.

Variety of type aside, one of the biggest advantages of LED oyster fittings is their low power consumption. They also don’t overheat, which makes them environmentally friendly. The last thing you want when living in Australia is more heat being generated in your home by bulbs. And even though the initial cost might be higher on the LED lighting fixtures, the long-term expenses are much lower.

Lastly, LED lighting fixtures are low maintenance and can be replaced by virtually anyone. Once installed, LED bulbs can work for over 80.000 hours without having to be replaced. They’re extremely durable and have a great longevity, which makes up for their high initial costs. The ability to choose from the large selection of colours and power outputs makes them an excellent option for just about anyone looking for ways to add functionality, class and elegance in their home.