Discover the Facts and Uses of Silos: The Age Old Bulk Storing Solution

By Ava Brown, April 2, 2018

Though it may not be so apparent, we owe a great deal to the ancient peoples because unlike what it seems, considering we live in the most advanced age, there have always been inventions, since the dawn of time.

Agriculture has been the main source of income for millennia, and many inventions have to do with it, as is the case with silos, one of the oldest discovered being 7200 years old, found in the Jordan Valley.

Stainless Steel Silos

The silos was created for bulk storage, and though it all started with food storage, grain primarily, later on they started getting used for more bulk materials, such as fermented feed, liquid yeast, food starch, more food products, and even for industrial purposes storing coal, cement, woodchips, sawdust, carbon black, and ceramic powders among others.

When looking for silos for sale Australia round, it’s important to take the storage capacity in consideration, and the type most suitable, having in mind there are three types: tower, bunker, and bag. Though in the past they were only made of wood, and stone, then concrete, and plastic, nowadays there are stainless steel silos made to last.

Though there were certain accidents using them, like the toxic methane gas as a result of the fermenting materials, the various types of silos for sale Australia wide that can be found nowadays have specific features that make them easy for operation, starting from ventilation.

Other important features are automatic micro dosing, as well as automatic weighing phases, as for tanks being loaded it can be done manually or pneumatically through an aspirated nozzle.

In fact, the micro dosing is a whole system consisting of storing tanks, drawing system, batcher, weighing platform, and conveying collecting point. You can count on perfect dosing thanks to the pad valve, and as there is constant and consistent dosing there’s no material wastage.

This is the proof what an investment silos can be, designed for efficiency – the focus shouldn’t only be on money when buying, but durability as well because after all this is the purchase you don’t get to make often.

The design of silos has gone a long way since ancient times, with more of its production and use being recorded in Europe in the 19th century, followed by the USA, changing shapes from rectangular structure to cylindrical, from difficult to dose to easily dosed.

With technological advancements, we can only wait to see how silos can further be upgraded, and the more branches of industry and farming it can be used in.