Discover the Features and Uses of Laser Measurers

By Steven Harrisson, September 1, 2017

Whether you need to determine the ceiling height of a room for correct ladder selection or maybe you need to measure the dimensions of your commercial space to figure out how much floor covering you will need, a laser measurer is the only tool you need for any job that calls for precise measurements of features like distance, height, length or volume of a certain area. Laser measuring devices, also know as laser tape measurers make use of advanced laser technology to provide accurate measuring.

Laser Measurer

When compared to other types of measuring tools, such as measuring tapes, laser measurers are a lot more efficient and here is why. Making accurate measurements with a tape measurer can be a challenge, since the longer you extend the tape, the more difficult it would be to obtain correct distance readings. Also, you have to make sure not to stretch the tape a lot since this can also affect the accuracy of the obtained results. This is not an issue when you buy laser measure tool. It’s designed to provide comprehensive measurement readings at any length or distance, quickly and easily.

Laser measuring devices are easy to use and come with advanced features and functions that allow you to adjust the tool according to your specific needs. Their method of operation is simple yet very efficient at the same time. The measuring device features a laser pointer that you simply point towards the area or object that you need to measure and the device will quickly show the readings on its LCD screen. In addition to its ease of operation, another reason why people opt to buy laser measure device is its ability to manage various calculations including area, subtraction, volume, addition, etc. It can also make indirect horizontal and vertical distance measurements when there are obstacles that prevent direct access to the target object. What’s more, it comes with internal memory, which means you can store previous readings and keep track of all the obtained measurements.

Depending on their design and specific features, laser measuring devices can have either a single or a continuous measuring option. With the single option or mode you simply click the pointer button on the laser and point towards the target. The continuous mode, on the other hand, provides quick updates (multiple times per second) of the obtained measurements. Most laser distance tools include the Pythagorean function, which allows you to measure length using three different points. This can be very useful when you need to measure difficult to access areas or you simply don’t have a target point. These advanced tools also come with a Bluetooth connection, which means you can quickly transfer and save the obtained readings on your PC.