Discover the Ideal Traits an Icebox Should Have

By Steven Harrisson, July 9, 2018

The great thing about the Australian climate is that it is almost always perfect BBQ and beach weather regardless of the time of year. The not-so-great thing is that this same climate with the constant scorching sun in the sky can reach levels of heat that would be comparable to the inside of a pizza oven. Luckily, all you need to combat this is a beach umbrella for your yard, a kiddie pool for your feet and a large cool box for your drinks.

cool box

While a lot of you already know why a large cool box is one of the most useful items you can have near you when the hot weather is really in full swing outside, I would wager to say that not that many know all of the applications of this pretty handy little item. The basic purpose of every cool box is to withhold the temperature of the ice that is placed inside and keep the food or drinks that you store cold, but there are a few features that many overlook which are pretty important.

An icebox is usually made from polyethylene, however some come with a fibreglass construction which make them a lot more durable than the standard models while also making them quite a bit lighter as well. Regardless of the exact materials used most iceboxes are made to be corrosion and rust proof to endure that they last as long as possible and not show much visible signs of wear and tear.

Moving on the the insides of the boxes, the walls are all smooth and ridiculously easy to clean with nothing more than a little bit of water and a towel to dry them off afterwards. This is frankly a godsend since personally I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve had to clean up a spill and had worried that it would take me the better part of an hour, when in fact I was done in a matter of minutes. The characteristics of the insides also ensures that there won’t be any lingering smells from past meals that were stored inside or from the aforementioned inevitable spill or two.

A lot of iceboxes also have a few additional features that give them a bit of a more practical aspect in certain situations. I don’t mean the drainage bung or the latches that are meant to ensure the top stays tightly on, but something more like the removable food tray, the carry strap or the wheels that some of them come with. The exact additional feature that you decide to go with will ultimately come down to the size of the box and what you are looking to use it for.