Discover the Power of Home Security Systems and Protect Your Home

By Ava Brown, January 17, 2017

My home is my castle. I am pretty sure this goes out to most of you, dear readers, and though as much as we all want to escape our everyday surroundings, imagining of visiting new and far off places in search of some adventures away from the daily monotony, there’s no place like home. After enjoying the creative process of decorating my living nest, I can conclude my home is my five star hotel with all the comfort I could possibly look for in every sense of the word, including aesthetically. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about castles from fairy tales and history, however, is that they tempt the attention of many with their beauty.


Since I don’t live in a dangerous area I’ve always taken security lightly. Perhaps I wasn’t that careless to forget to lock up whenever out (with certain exceptions…), but I didn’t think of taking any safety precaution measures either until I learned my lesson the hard way. While in the past a castle’s defence lied in getting thick curtain walls and drawbridges, today it lies in home security systems. Most often, people don’t realise their home is the target until the thief makes his/her way in. That was my case, but I managed to solve it before some serious damage could happen.

Facade of newly constructed home

Ignoring the doorbell as I usually do since most of my known visitors announce their arrival earlier on the phone or the social networks, the thief then got into my home through the window presuming there was no one inside only to find me on the second floor. It’s needless to say I was startled, but seeing the thief also startled gave me the courage I needed to start shouting and hitting him until he finally rolled down the stairs and ran as far away from my home as possible. Not waiting any minute longer, I started looking for the choices of home security systems available and ended up getting my own residential intercom system.

Thanks to the constant improvements in technology, intercoms can be connected with a camera so you know well who’s at your door and whether it’s someone who should be let in or not; not to mention they’re also perfect for opening the door when you’re at the other end of your home. Now that I have the right protection for my castle, it’s not that attractive for thieves anymore as I’m sure they’re intimidated by intercoms. Discover the power of security systems and protect your home while you still can. Your utmost comfort deserves this investment.