Discover The Top Truck Manufacturers For 2014

By Steven Harrisson, February 18, 2015

These days, you can find a lot of unknown truck manufacturers among the world’s most reputable ones. Many of them are probably car or heavy-machinery manufacturers, trying to make their way into the truck industry. Some have been a complete fail, but there are some manufacturers that have earned a world-wide reputation. Over the years, the trucks have been significantly improved. Today, you can find different truck models, equipped with different features. More efficient than ever, sleeker and with better looking bodies, the trucks are becoming better and more fuel-efficient. Do you know some of the most popular truck brands that managed to introduce great truck models in 2014? If not, let’s discover the top truck manufacturers for 2014:


Volvo Trucks – From the beginning, Volvo has been focused on designing trucks that will promote safety and driver security. Understanding that the number of truck accidents per year is becoming a big threat, Volvo Trucks managed to introduce a new line of trucks with improved safety features, such as larger windshield for better visibility, reinforced steel cabin, enhanced cruise control, lane departure warning system and other innovative features. In overall, 2014 was a very successful year for Volvo Trucks

Kenworth – The favorite truck brand in America has been quite successful in 2014. Kenworth has been focused on performance and aerodynamics improvements, and managed to design more comfortable and friendly trucks. The delivery of the the historic 1 000 000th truck is a proof how successful 2014 was for Kenworth.

Daimler AG – 2014 was an outstanding year for the largest German truck manufacturer Daimler AG. This is no surprise, because Daimler AG is always among the top truck manufacturers. With more focus on the driver’s safety, Daimler AG introduced trucks with plenty of safety features. Daimer AG dominated the truck market in the past 2014, thanks to the release of the EURO VI-compliant trucks.

Freightliner – Freightliner experienced a strong 2014. This manufacturer introduced new heavy-duty trucks with improved payload capacity and operational efficiency. The largest truck manufacturer in North America managed to produce some of the most efficient trucks on the market. The fuel-efficient Freightliner trucks quickly become popular around the world, making 2014 to be a very successful year for Frightliner.

Reference: Trucks4u