Explore The Key Factors That Affect Fuel Economy Of Prime Mover Trucks

By Steven Harrisson, February 25, 2015

When buying a new prime mover truck, fuel economy is the single most important consideration. Today’s uncertain economic climate requires you to look for a truck that can deliver the performance you need and a reasonable fuel economy. In addition to the big amount of upfront money for purchasing a prime mover truck, you should think about the future and prepare yourself for operating and maintenance costs.


To keep these costs low, find a truck that uses every single drop of fuel in an efficient manner. When in the market for prime mover trucks for sale Australia, consider these five factors that affect the fuel economy.

Chassis – The chassis is the most important part to check when buying a prime mover truck, since it holds all truck components: body, axles, engine with all engine parts, etc. This means that the chassis determines two important aspect of your prime mover: the distance between the wheel axles and the distance between the back axle and the back of the truck. These two aspects determine what kind of body you can attach to your prime mover truck and its towing capacity. If you choose a wrong wheel arc, for example, you will not get the maximum of your truck.

Body And Cab Type – To ensure maximum use of the fuel, choose a prime mover truck with a body type that suits your needs perfectly. Smaller or bigger body than necessary is unacceptable. If you get a truck with more room than needed, your truck will consume more fuel to move the body, even if it’s not full. If you buy a prime mover with a small body, you will make more trips than you would make with a bigger truck. Therefore, settle only for the perfectly-sized body. Also, consider the cab type, because it can also contribute to the fuel economy. If you are going to drive the truck by yourself, you won’t need an extra space, but if you have a crew, get a truck with a crew cab.

Engine-Fuel Connection – Your prime mover must produce the right amount of power output at the usual operating speed, while towing the usual amount of loads. The best thing for improved fuel economy is to find a truck with an engine that delivers most torque at the slowest speed. The most commonly used engines for fuel savings are the robust diesel engines, which are widely available along with diesel engine spare parts.

Tires – Choosing the right tires for your prime mover is very important. When reaching top speeds, it is important to have reliable rolling-resistant tires to provide maximum fuel efficiency. For long distance hauling or driving at high speeds, aluminum wheels are most adequate. However, old-fashioned truck drivers still use traditional pneumatic tires. Prime mover trucks for sale Australia suppliers offer trucks that come with nitrogen-filled tires, in order to maintain the pressure longer. The nitrogen reduces the drags, which affects the fuel efficiency. The more drag, the higher fuel consumption.