Exploring The Advantages Of Direct Mail Marketing

By Steven Harrisson, October 7, 2014

A good direct mail marketing campaign focuses on promoting your specific service or product, in a way that ‘forces’ your customers to act – to register their interest, to receive further information, visit your website, make a purchase or a booking. Direct mail services give you the opportunity to promote your business directly to the customers who need your products or services the most. A good direct marketing will:

  • help you create relationship with new customers,
  • tell you which approaches reach your target,
  • test the appeal of your service or product,
  • increase sales, and
  • provide customers with compelling content they can share with other potential customers.


To best benefit from all these advantages, you must have a clear understanding and carefully plan your direct mail marketing campaign. Being aware of the challenges and advantages of direct mail marketing will help you use this promoting platform most effectively.

Flexibility – Direct mail marketing is a flexible way of advertizing a new service or a product. You can promote your business to the targeted group only. To be more specific, if your services or products are intended for older audience, you can mail your brochures or flyers only to them. With direct marketing all you need is to make a decision on your target audience, make a list and process your flyers in a bulk mail format. Other option is to go with a mail house that many 3Pl providers offer. These companies will process your brochures or flyers from start to the end.

Efficiency – Many companies are concerned with how efficient their marketing campaign will be. With direct mail marketing you will have one less thing to worry about since direct marketing is very efficient advertisement channel. No matter how high-tech we all try to be, we still respond more to things that we can touch and visualize. It’s same with direct mail. People will most likely respond to your campaign if they can feel it and see it. With direct mail services you will achieve exactly that.

Affordability – Opposite to many believes, direct marketing is affordable business solution. If you plan on printing and sending a lot of articles, you can qualify for the discount offered by Australian post. Also, the fact that your potential customers will read your offer, makes this marketing strategy very cost-effective. Opposite to direct mail marketing, internet marketing doesn’t guarantee that all your customers will read your e-mail. Many of them will just “trash” it, because of growing number of spam and virus e-mails.

Beat Your Competitors – Direct marketing is definitely the best weapon to beat your competitors. When compared to other marketing channels like radio, email and TV, direct mail marketing has low competition. Just think about how many ads you see on the TV and compare that number to the number of promotional mails you get in your mail box.