Exploring The Amazing Cat Apex 70 Long Reach Excavator

By Steven Harrisson, September 24, 2014

In a joint venture between the most popular manufacturer of excavators Caterpillar and Jewell Attachments LLC, one of the long reach excavators has been produced and offered on the market. Cat Apex 70 UHD (Ultra High Demolition) is a long reach excavator with rigid design and structure, incredibly efficient and widely utilized for demolition projects. Included with upper and lower structure and undercarriage by Caterpillar and Jewell UHD fronts and Demolition Control System, the Apex 70 UHD is an exceptional combination of the best features by the two companies. In this article, we explore the incredible Cat Apex 70 long reach excavator.

The rigid and innovative design of this long reach excavator developed by Caterpillar is remarkable of all terms. The hydraulically tilting cabin of Apex 70 UHD can tilt for 30 degree and includes heavy reinforcing plates at the critical stress points. The structure of the boom is also heavy-duty and is made from high-quality and strong steel plates. Hardened bushing and steel pins are featured throughout the front structure.


Apex 70 UHD long reach excavator comes equipped with the new and innovative Falling Objects Protective Structure (FOPS) is secured to the cab-platform, but it does not interrupt the operator’s visibility. The glass of the cabin is made from outer panels and tempered inner, heat-vulcanized over a multi-layer poly-carbonate core, for improved comfort during cold days. The cabin is equipped with a programmable computer on-touch that provides the operators with pre-setting work parameters, attachment observation system, two HD cameras and automatic climate control system.

The Apex 70 long reach excavator is available in two versions. The first version features a 25.6-m boom with an operating weight of 60 kg without tool, while the other has a 29.2-m boom and operating weight of a little over 60 kg. However, this model of Caterpillar long reach excavator has two successors , Apex 50 and Apex 100 UHD. The new models come with pilot-assisted valves for boom-hoist and cylinders, and lots of new and innovative safety features. All safety features and a remote pilot source significantly assist in providing failure protection and increasing the load holding and load control capability.

Cat Apex 70 long reach excavator features a DCS computer for maintaining a safe operation. DCS is a boom-monitoring system that automatically and continually determines the position of the boom and maintains a safe boom travel when raising, lowering or using work tools. For example, if the boom is getting closer to pre-established boundaries, the operators are alarmed via audible warning system. The most commonly used work tools on Apex 70 UHD long reach excavator are rotating shears, hydraulic breakers and multi-processors, available in different configurations and sizes in order to suit the requirements of each customer and application.