Exploring The Types And Styles Of Jewellery Boxes

By Ava Brown, October 20, 2015

Back in my early teen years, I remember being excited every time my mother got a gift. I was so thrilled mainly because I thought of how one day all will be mine. Or sooner. One such gift was the most beautiful jewellery box I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen real master pieces since, but back then, that one was second to none.

The jewellery box was in the shape of a carriage, like the one Cinderella had, and it played a wonderful song, “For Elise” from Beethoven. You can’t imagine how happy I was every time the box would play the song. Mom still has that box keeps her necklaces in it. Today I have my own jewellery boxes, and looking at all those amazing designs, it got me thinking, how many tyles of jewellery boxes are there?, so I decided to do a little research on the topic.


Large, small or wall?

Depending on how much jewellery you want to store, you can choose from large jewellery boxes that very much resemble armories and smaller ones, ordinary boxes with compartments for different pieces of jewellery.

The armoire type of boxes are normally be very stylish, rich in colour and details. They have little drawers and other separate compartments for your jewellery. Smaller jewellery boxes are regular boxes with divisions inside: for rings, earrings and for a small number of necklaces and bracelets. There’s the keepsake box, a small jewellery box meant for holding only few small items, like a pair of earrings or rings, and the jewellery roll, which is a pouch-like storage option that can store a lot more items. These can also be very stylish, varying from very rich ornaments in details to simple play with colours. Wall jewellery boxes look a lot like bathroom cabinets. They’re attached to the wall and when opened, a lot of drawers, shelves and hooks come out. These normally come with a mirror attached to them.


Leather, wood or cardboard?

Everything can be used for making a fancy box for keeping your precious things, and what finds place in your bedroom depends largely on your taste and preference. A jewellery box can tell a lot about a woman, is she the elegant lady that likes everything to be in one colour like white, black, gold or beige? Or maybe she respects traditional values and designs and prefers to keep her precious belongings in a strong wooden box with good details? Nevertheless, wood and leather present sturdy choices of material for a jewellery box and are considered the classics. Cardboard is mainly used for making presentation boxes, which are perfect for wrapping a gift.

Lined compartments – silk, velvet or faux suede?

The compartments in the jewellery box should be lined so the jewellery stands still in the box and doesn’t slide. Silk is what you would normally see in most jewellery boxes, since it looks very appealing and luxurious, but it actually isn’t the best choice. It doesn’t keep jewellery in place. Velvet is a little hard to maintain, so that leaves us with faux suede. Faux suede or felt are good choices since they prevent tarnishing and are textured enough so jewellery doesn’t slide.

There’s a lot of space for creativity when it comes to designing jewellery boxes. There’s literally no limit for adding various types of ornaments and decorations, and the use of colours is infinite.