Exploring The Types Of Loaders

By Steven Harrisson, November 3, 2014

Loaders are heavy-duty machines which are commonly used in the construction industry for moving and loading heavy materials, like sand, wood-chips, recycled materials and rocks. The first loader machine was invented in the 1920s when small tractors were equipped with buckets in order to handle different materials. In the 1930s, E.Boydell managed to produce a small loader, and in 1939 the first two wheel loader was designed in Chicago.


Caterpillar was the first company that managed to develop a hydraulic loader. Throughout the years, many improvements have been made, such as hydraulic systems, new engine types, automatic transmission etc. Although many brands emerged on the market, the CAT backhoe loaders are still a number one choice for many construction companies all around the world. With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing backhoe loaders, it’s safe to say that Caterpillar is the most popular and reliable brand when it comes to construction machines. The top-selling CAT loaders are the following ones:

CAT Wheeled Loader – This loader type comes with a front mounted bucket. The bucket allows the operator to lift and push different loose materials from the ground. The wheeled loaders can be also used for loading materials into dump trucks. These CAT machines offer excellent maneuverability and superior performance.

CAT Backhoe Loader – Also known as a backhoe or a digger. This is a heavy equipment that comes with a small back-hoe mounted on the back and a shovel on the front. Because of its compact size, this loader is generally used in small construction job sites like building small houses or fixing urban roads. The CAT backhoe loader is also ideal for breaking asphalt, paving roads, digging holes, landscaping, moving construction materials, and small demolition tasks.

CAT Skid Steer Loader – This machine is described as multifunctional piece of material handling equipment. Caterpillar offers two skid steer versions: four wheel and crawler skid steer loader. The CAT skid steer loader can be equipped with various attachments for completing different tasks. Thanks to the wide range of attachments, the CAT skid steer can be converted into a mower, blower, loader, bulldozer or forklift.

Track loader – This loader comes with tracked chassis. Because of that, the tracked loader can be used for loading and digging tasks on all surfaces. This loader comes with electro-hydraulic controls and hydrostatic transmission which enhance the machine’s efficiency. The track loader is capable to handle different construction projects quickly and efficiently.