Factors To Consider When Selecting Industrial Generators For A Construction Jobsite

By Steven Harrisson, November 18, 2014

Selecting the right industrial generator for a construction job site can be tough task. The main reason for this is that there are many different models with different capabilities and specifications. Furthermore, every job site has different requirements, and different types of machines or equipment is needed. Since every job site has different needs, individual evaluation of the construction site requirements is a must.


When talking about the inverter generator, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration than the simple comparison of the prices. Furthermore, another segment that is not a key factor when choosing the right inverter generator is the physical size of the construction job site, meaning that there can be smaller construction sites with bigger power requirements than the larger ones. On the other hand, the vital factors that need to be considered when choosing an inverter generator for a construction job site are the following ones:

– Size and type of the load – One of the factors that affects the choice of an inverter generator is the type of load that is used on the construction site. Each job site determines the type of load, and with that the type of inverter generator that will be ideal for the load. For this reason, before purchasing an inverter generator, you need to determine the size and the type of your load.

– Wattage requirement – Before choosing an inverter generator, make a list of the tools which are going to be powered by the inverter generator. Next, check the manufacturer’s manual for the tools and check the wattage requirements of every tool. Only by knowing the wattage requirements of every tool, you will be able to choose the right inverter generator.

– Quality of the inverter generator – The inverter generator you are planning to buy must be capable to deliver steady and stable power supply for the tools that are needed on the job site. Because of that, you need a quality inverter generator with many innovative features for powerful performance.

– Fuel efficient machine – It is very important to look for a fuel-efficient inverter generator. This machine will reduce the costs and will not demand frequent refueling. The idle control of the inverter generator is one of it’s crucial components, because it saves fuel when the inverter generator is not used for several minutes.