Find Out How to Take care of Your E Cig Kit

By Ava Brown, May 19, 2015

With the invention of the E cigarette, smokers have finally been allowed to get their nicotine fix in restaurants, sport bars and other (closed) public places. Because E cigs do not contain tobacco nor they require an open flame, their smoke-like puff is an odorless and harmless vapor that disappears within seconds.

Although the E cig kit models available on the market come signed with the names of different brands, they all have the same working principle. Here is how you should properly care for your E cig kit.


Read the User’s Manual

It is very important to read the user’s manual included in your E cig kit in order to find out the right way to charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, it is time to start assembling the E cig. With clean hands, lay a clean cloth on a flat surface. Next step is to place all the items from your E cig kit on the cloth. For easy assembling, make sure that everything is right in front of you and within reach.


Pick up the battery and the atomizer parts, then screw them together. Pay attention not to cross thread the items. Open the box with the pre-filled cartridges, remove the rubber stopper from the cartridge, while making sure that the fibers inside of the cartridge are not pulled too far (they should not touch the atomizer). Then, insert the pre-filled cartridge into the opening of the atomizer.

Using Your E cigarette

Your E cigarette is now ready for use and you are all set to try your first vape. No matter if your E cig has a manual switch or not, this feature won’t make any difference in the type of puff. You may prefer to hold the vapor in your mouth or inhale it. The only important thing to remember is not to allow the atomizer to become extremely hot. High temperatures can cause damage to the atomizer and in some cases, even cause a complete device breakdown.

Refilling the Cartridges

Eventually, your E cig will reach the point when it will start to feel dry when vaping. Moreover, it may come to the point where there will be little to no vapor at all coming from the unit. In this case, you can either replace the used cartridge with another one or top off the cartridge by adding a few drops of E liquid to the cartridge.

Keep in mind that with time and continuous use, the parts of your E cig kit will need to be replaced. The lifespan of the E cig parts generally depends on their quality and the frequency of use.