Find Out Why Your Child Shouldn’t Miss Out on Playing with Rag Dolls

By Steven Harrisson, May 23, 2019

Child development during the very first ages of life is the most important. And one of the easiest and most fun way to help them in this process, is by introducing them to the old but gold ragged dolls. They are one of the oldest types of children toys made out of leftover rags by parents and grandparents. Stitched or knitted faces is their “trademark” as well as the range of fabrics used for their body. Lately, manufacturers have succeeded in making this type of a soft baby doll more commercial, with lots of options to choose from. But the thing that matters the most is that all of them are made of natural cotton which is completely safe for your children.


This type of children toys are available in both toddler and baby versions and you can be sure that today’s versions are safe even if your child put the toys in her/his mouth (which they all do). In fact, tasting objects is the first thing babies do in order to learn more about the world around them. Unlike the plastic children dolls that can contain a number of toxic materials, these soft baby doll toys are made of natural cotton which is usually harvested by hand and washed in hot water and gentle soap. Hence, no acid residues or pesticides can be found in its core. Available in a range of sizes, types and looks, these soft doll toys are a real blast from the past. And, except for offering great health benefits, these can help your child development in many ways.


Well, the most obvious thing that children can develop from playing with dolls is their imagination through role and dramatic play. The imaginary scenarios, the imitation of verbal expression and behaviours of close ones (parents, siblings, etc) and the whole process of playing with their dolls and friends can help them develop their creative side.

What’s more, dolls can help children develop their social skills when playing with other children. That way they learn to communicate, express themselves better and exercise their emphatic side by learning to care for one another.


Last but not least, playing with dolls and friends can help children learn so many new things, and proper communication is one of them. Learning how to communicate with other children can help them strengthen their vocabulary while helping them communicate calmly in many different situations. That way, they can learn that sometimes words are more powerful than crying or shouting.