How Can A Jib Crane Help Your Business

By Steven Harrisson, October 20, 2014

The jib crane is certainly one of the most versatile lifting machines you can find on the market. Although small in size when compared to other crane models, the jib crane is used for a variety of applications. Thanks to the innovative technologies, the demand for jib cranes today is increased, and it seems that this trend will continue in the future. This small lifting machine is designed with wire ropes, movable chain hoist, a horizontal boom and a drum, and it can be either fixed or mobile.


The jib crane is generally used for applications that involve handling heavy loads. A typical jib crane is used for indoor applications, but it can be also used for various outdoor applications. With compact size, the jib crane is ideal lifting machine for lifting tasks in narrow areas. Designed to lift with ease, the jib crane is widely used in warehouses, workshops, industrial facilities, production and manufacturing facilities, ports, assembly operations, individual work stations, loading docks, etc.

Loading lifting, carrying and unloading different kinds of materials, the jib crane can do everything what the big cranes can. If you are dealing with small and medium-weight loads, the jib crane is your ideal solution that can help your business in many ways:

  • Allow you to deal with various handling applications;
  • Increase your productivity;
  • Increase the workplace safety;
  • Quick return on investment;
  • Minimize the operating costs for smaller applications;

Today, the jib crane manufacturers offer different jib crane models, designed with the latest technologies to ensure safety, comfort and optimal lifting performance. For example, the new jib crane models come with on\off switch and stop button to help you remain safe in dangerous and unexpected situations. Another innovative safety feature is the accurate horizontal jib alignment. This feature prevents unexpected movements of the horizontal jib when the jib crane is loaded. As long as you are safe and comfort, you will be highly productive.

The jib crane is a lifting machine that can be easily installed and operated. Unlike most crane models, the jib crane is very easy to install, whether on wall or on the floor. Furthermore, the jib crane will minimize the downtime and increase your productivity, thanks to its lightweight design and rotating low-resistance jib. In short, the jib crane is the best investment you can make for your business.