Discover the Importance of the Bedroom Wardrobe

By Ava Brown, November 28, 2017

Though we usually pay more attention to the living room, if there’s an area that deserves to be considered a sanctuary, it has to be the bedroom. It’s the only place reserved for your utmost relaxation. As such, you know the drill: there’s no quality sleep as long as you keep electronics at reach; even the TV can disrupt with your sleep thanks to the energy it emits, so make sure it’s not part of your bedroom.

Bedroom Wardrobe

Speaking of energy, you’ve probably heard of a thing or two about feng shui, and while there are things that might be considered a myth or not, the feng shui principle of clutter and its bad influence on sleep are surely not to be taken lightly. This brings me to the importance of proper storage, particularly the one a bedroom wardrobe provides. Keeping your sleep temple organised and harmonious, this is the piece of furniture that makes for a focal point; yes, it’s not just the role of the bed!

There is the trend of built-ins, but nothing can replace the good ol’ bedroom wardrobes standing freely. They are the perfect addition to the bedroom, because, apart from giving you the chance to use up space prudently, keeping the bedroom energy flow unobstructed by letting you neatly arrange all your clothing bits and pieces with enough hanging space and drawers behind closed doors (open shelves aren’t preferred feng shui wise), they also bring about beauty with their intricate designs.

That’s not to say you can pick just about any bedroom wardrobe that catches your eye, since it has the power to both organise and clutter your space at the same time – it all comes down to measuring up precisely, both in width and in height, before you set out on the quest for the ideal wardrobe hence the importance of this piece of furniture. If you want to make the most of it, it has to be proportional with the room space. Bear in mind, it shouldn’t obstruct the pathway of the bed if you want to ensure the right energy flow – nothing too big, or too small.

Likewise, you have to focus on the materials it’s made of, that would fit in with the rest of the room nicely, blend in with the harmony and not disrupt it. This goes for the colours as well, and the style of doors that most speaks to you. Remember, the purchase of wardrobe should be just as thoughtful as that of the bed and mattress.