Discover the Charm of Indian Interior Design

By Ava Brown, July 18, 2017

As a country with rich history and culture, India is a wonderful mix of strong tradition and art, which is reflected not only in music, movies and architecture, but in interiors, décor and textiles as well. Indian interiors are know for their unique mix of colours and textures and their pleasant ambience that simply invites you to spend more time inside and enjoy the artistic quality of the design. The artistic twist in the design scheme is achieved not only through the vibrant colours and textures, but also through the elegant design of which have the purpose to further enhance the beauty of the living space.

Indian Homewares

There are indeed many features that make Indian homes appealing and luxurious. However, if one should pick one feature that is most prominent that would definitely have to be colour. With rich and bold hues like red, yellow, green, orange and brown, it seems as if the colour pallet is inspired by the colourful Indian spices, which are a vital part of the culture of this country. The rich and vibrant hues are often used against a lighter background to create a distinctive contrast of colours. Another dominant feature of this interior design is practical and sophisticated décor. This is actually the feature that gives the space its exotic and luxurious look, which is one of the most appreciated qualities of Indian style.

Designed to further enhance the aesthetic value of the home, are made of beautiful, high-quality materials and come in unique patterns that give more dimension to the space. Creating a living space inspired by the gorgeous Indian style is all about striking the perfect balance between ornate homewares and modern design elements. When done properly an Indian inspired room, whether that be the living room or bedroom can instantly infuse your home with exotic vibes. You don’t have to change the look of the entire room since a few elements are all you need to give the space a dose of Indian charm.

Floor cushions are essential elements of Indian interiors and are a great way to add comfort and style to the home. Create a cosy seating area by arranging various floor cushions in floral or some other wonderful pattern. You can make the space even more comfortable by adding a jute rug to your Indian design puzzle. Depending on the look your want to achieve, you can opt for a simple area rug in a hue that compliments the colour of your cushions, or you can choose a more decorative rug in stripes that can add texture and serve as the centrepiece of your chic seating area. In addition to colourful rugs and cushions, an ornate picture frame can serve as the perfect addition to your Indian inspired room. With their elegant design and wonderful spectrum of colours, ornate picture frames can instantly improve the look of your coffee table or nightstand.

Infusing your space with Indian vibes can be fun and creative, the only thing you need to do is choose wonderfully crafted and get into the excitement of creating some Indian design magic.