Investigating Dog Collars – Types and Materials

By Ava Brown, December 7, 2015

It is simple, there are different types of dog collars because there are so many different breeds of dogs, immensely varying in size, strength and behavior. Moreover, all of them may exhibit their own health issues or precaution requirements. Failing to get the right kind of dog collar may lead to having to chase your dog down the street, feeling insecure about the firm grasp or feeling guilty for putting too much pressure on a dog that does not really need it.

Beyond their practical function, dog collars also play an aesthetically pleasing role and make dogs seem either friendlier or scarier, depending on the owner’s taste. If you want to find a tremendously wide range of collars regarding type and material, you might want to look at the biggest market there is – the online world.

Dog collars online, just as those you can find in your local pet stores, are available in different materials and types. These aspects are the bases upon which the various combinations are derived. To illustrate this with an example: You can have a small, thin leather collar that is meant for small dog breeds regarding width and length, but the material signals that it is meant for small dogs that misbehave and must be led with a strong a durable collar.

Dog With Collar

The Various Types of Dog Collars

Standard Dog Collars

Standard Dog Collar

This is the type of collar everyone reaches for once they get a dog. However, that is not really the right thing to do always. Even though it is called the standard and it can certainly serve its purpose for many dogs, you should also consider the fact that you will need to get to know your dog better before making the final decision. You might be wondering why this would be such a big deal since it is just a collar, but the best advice from experienced dog owners is to borrow a collar from a friend or buy a cheap standard one for the first couple of walks. This trick will prevent you from investing in a nice and durable dog collar twice. If you are searching dog collars online, you will recognize the standard ones by their ring-like shape, colorful varieties and semi-durable material. They do not comprise any kind of additional helping tools such as chest wrapping or chocking spikes.



These collars came as a great addition to the dog collar varieties, allowing dogs with gentler neck skin to feel more comfortable during their walks. Wearing a harness puts 70% of the pressure on the chest area, which is much stronger than the neck area. The only drawback is the fact that only dogs that are calm and have learned to behave themselves can wear it. Otherwise, misbehaving and naughty dogs will literally be dragged when they pull and they will not feel a thing, since the chest area is all muscles and no fragile tissue.

Choke and Shock Collars

These two types of collars are meant to address the bad behavior of certain dogs and are used in training sessions. Nevertheless, no true dog lover would ever want to witness his dog getting an electric shock or a stab from the spikes. However mild the pain might be, they would rather spend some quality time with the fluffy, four-pawed friend and train him by using treats and cuddles which are an integral part of the method of positive reinforcement that always bears much more fruit than violent methods.

Dog Collar Materials


If you choose a collar made of cotton, the softest material there is, your dog’s neck will be safe from unwanted injuries. However, you might want to make sure that your dog is tame dog first. Dogs with wild nature may easily tear such collars apart. Small and peaceful dogs will make a perfect match with cute cotton collars.


Durability is the first thing that pops to mind when considering a leather collar. They are usually the most expensive ones, so before you make the final purchase from your dog collars online retailer, think carefully whether your dog really needs it. Medium and big size dogs look great with these, plus you can be 100% sure that the collar will not get torn even if the dog is a puller.


These collars also belong to the durable category and are sometimes mixed with leather which results in a very cool-looking dog collar.


Metal collars might be the strongest ones, but they are not so comfortable. If you opt for such collar, make sure that you also have a more casual leather or nylon collar for occasion when you want to let your dog relax and enjoy itself more.