Learn How You Can Save Money On Sports Equipment & Gear

By Ava Brown, May 6, 2015

Sports equipment and gear can be a huge expense especially if you are on a low budget. Whether you are a professional athlete, have a child that plays in a team, or just occasionally train for recreation, you can always find a way to save some money on sports equipment. Here are few suggestions.


Online Sports Shops

The sports equipment online offer is wide, and not only in terms of choice, but in terms of price as well. Many retailers offer frequent sale deals, usually on older styles and you can find certain sports gear at even 75% off of the original price. Now that’s a bargain, right!

Second-Hand Equipment

Search for sports equipment online retailers that offer used equipment. This is a perfect way to have sports equipment and yet not go broke. Gear that can be found in second-hand stores is generally used very little and it’s not damaged.

Custom Made Uniforms

If you have a child that plays in a team, you can team up with other parents and make uniforms for the kids. All you need are just some simple t-shirts and an iron to put the numbers on. And if you are a recreational athlete, find some old clothes you don’t wear anymore and adjust them so they serve your training needs. This can be easily done with t-shirts, as you can shorten them, or cut the sleeves.

Sell Your Gear and Equipment

Remember the second-hand shops we mentioned before? Well, you can also sell your used equipment there and earn some cash for it! If you no longer train, or want some new equipment, list it for sale on sports equipment online shops that offer such service. Why throw old sports gear, when somebody else can find use of it.


Buy in Bulk

This is a good way to buy at lower prices. Companies offer large discounts for bulk purchases. Team up with other athletes, friends or parents, if you have children playing in a team. You all have the same needs, so why not buy in bulk at once and save some money?

End of Season Deals

At the end of each season, prices fall dramatically. You can find sportswear and related sports equipment at half the price. Therefore, buy at the end of summer or winter season. Of course, shop for sports equipment only if you are serious about exercising. Do not waste money if you plan to quit soon. In that case, rent whatever you need.