Learn The Different Types of Commercial Dryers

By Steven Harrisson, November 7, 2015

Compressed air is a power source used in many applications in wide range of different industries. There are various types of air compressing systems that are used for producing compressed air. The aim of the operation with any air compressor is to get clean, uncontaminated compressed air.


Although most of the contemporary air compressing systems are made with advanced technology, as a result of some environmental factors, the compressed air is likely to get contaminated at some point during the production and the treatment of the air compressor. Environmental factors that contribute towards contamination of the compressed air are:

  • the relative humidity of the air
  • the variations in the environmental temperature
  • and the cooling of the air which causes condensation.

Commercial dryer is a unit designed and used for dealing with the problem of excess moisture in the compressed air. As its name implies, the role of the dryer is to dry the air. This way the commercial dryer prevents problems in the operation of the pneumatic systems and the air motors.

Because the applications in different commercial and industrial sites can differ, and with that their requirements and issues that occur are not the same, there are several different commercial dryer types available on the market. The main two types of commercial air dryers that are indispensable part of the work process in numerous commercial sites for evaporation of the excess moisture are refrigerated dryers and desiccant dryers.

  • Refrigerated Dryers

    This type of commercial compressed air dryer is used in wide range of industries. However, it should be used only in applications where the temperature of the pipeline is not lower than 2°C. This commercial dryer cools the compressed air with the use of mechanical refrigeration. This way the dryer evaporates the excess moisture and prevents condensation from happening. But, remember, this dryer provides effective results only if the temperature of the pipelines do not go below 2°C.

  • Desiccant Dryers

    Unlike the refrigerated dryers, the desiccant dryers can dry the compressed air in applications where the temperature is very low. Namely, this commercial dryer can evaporate moisture from industrial compressed air in temperatures as low as -70°C. Also, this is very compact type of commercial dryer, which means that it can be easily adjusted for usage in different industrial facility, more specifically, it can be free-standing of wall mounted.