Learn What Type of Mattress Is Best For Children

By Ava Brown, July 16, 2015

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for the growth and development of children. It is very important that they get somewhere from 8-12 hours of sleep per night, depending on their age, as sleep affects the mood, health and attention span.

The bed mattress plays an enormous role in the building of a child’s memory, regulating stress levels and developing moods. What is even more important, since the bones are still developing, choosing the right mattress which provides proper support can help your child avoid potential spinal problems in latter stages of life.


The truth is, nowadays parents pay more attention to the style of the bed and bed frames which contribute to the design of the room rather than its functionality. However, the most important component of the bed is definitely the mattress. Children spend most of their time in bed, and that is exactly why you need to purchase a quality mattress for your little angels. Before spending a small fortune on this, you should definitely become familiar with the types of mattresses available on the market.


Firstly and most importantly, decide whether you need a toddler bed, a full, a twin bed, an extra-long twin or a queen-size bed for your child. If you have enough space in the room and money to spend, get a bigger bed. This way your child can have sleepovers or share a bed with a sibling. You can also lie down with them if needed.


Mattresses are classified according to the support they provide. The many technology advancements throughout the years have given us a wide variety of mattresses to choose from.

  • Air chambers mattresses and waterbeds are very sensitive and may not be suitable for small children.
  • Kids foam mattress, on the other hand, is the ideal solution for your little one’s bed. It adjusts according to the child’s weight and pressure so that the child can find his/her most suitable sleeping position.
  • High-density kids foam mattress responds to the heat of the body while low density ones mold themselves according to the pressure applied from the weight of a child. You can find kids foam mattress made of natural fibers like cotton or you can buy synthetic ones made of latex. It is surely the most comfortable and most suitable for your little ones out of all mattress types.
  • Open coil mattresses may be more affordable, but they are certainly less durable when compared to foam mattresses.
  • Futon does not let out any gasses; it is budget friendly and durable, but it is quite heavy and not as plush when compared to other types.