Need A Scraper? Let’s Explore The Design And Features

By Steven Harrisson, November 6, 2014

Do you need a machine for loading, damping, hauling and spreading loose materials? Then, get yourself a scraper. This powerful machine is ideal for moving ripped materials and for a variety of earth-moving operations. Choosing the right machine for a certain task is very important. Therefore, you should determine the distance and the load volume before buying a certain scraper. Keep in mind that the optimum haul distance for medium and small-sized scrappers is around 900 meters. We will use the Cat 621B scraper as an example to explore some of the features scrapers have.


Design – The scraper is one of the most powerful earth-moving machines which are used in the mining and construction sites. A typical scraper is consisted of a hopper that can be lowered and raised hydraulically. That same hopper comes with a sharp horizontal front edge that can cut through soil. These machines are perfect for moving materials on short hauls, but you can find models which are designed for long cut areas as well.

Capacity – When you buy a certain machine, it’s important to determine the load capacity you need for a certain task. This rule applies on all machines. For example, the bowl capacity of the Cat 621 scraper is 8-cubic meters, but you have other models that have even greater loading capacity. The capacity of a scraper depends mostly on the bowl size and the material that you plan to load.

Selection – A scraper is a better choice than a dozer for a medium-distance movement of materials. That’s because the scraper offers travel-speed advantages. It’s even better than a truck, if you take into consideration the fast load time. Unlike other machines, the scraper is faster, and it is capable to complete the dump cycle faster than any other machine.

Loading – The scraper is capable to load certain materials without assistance. But, if you want to reach its maximum, then this machine will require a push-tractor assistance. This will reduce the loading time and will prolong the life span of the tires. Such assistance is needed when you use the scraper for straddle, straight or downhill loading. Just keep in mind, not to push the scraper during loading because you can damage the loading elevator.