Need A Truck Crane? Let’s Explore Different Types

By Steven Harrisson, October 24, 2014

A crane is a lifting machine used for lifting and moving materials from one place to another. There are different crane models on the market, from small sized (used inside workshops) to big tower cranes (used in construction). Every model is designed for a specific purpose. Simply said, the cranes can perform seemingly impossible lifting tasks with absolute ease. Most crane models are fixed and are assembled at the work site. Because of that, these cranes need to be dismantled into smaller parts when need to be transported from one place to another. This procedure however costs money and requires time. For this and other similar reasons, the manufacturers have developed versatile and flexible crane models – truck cranes. The truck cranes offer mobility and can easily be transported from one job site to another. There are several truck cranes on the market, the most popular are the following ones:


Hydraulic Truck Cranes – Simple and compact, the hydraulic truck cranes are capable to perform incredible tasks. These cranes are designed with hydraulic system – a system that allows the cranes to lift and move unbelievable weights with ease. The hydraulic truck cranes are consisted of a boom, counterweights, two-gear pump, a jib, outriggers and a rotex gear. They are generally used for construction projects such as bridges, airports, etc.

All Terrain Truck Cranes – Multifunctional cranes designed to be driven on paved highways and off-road terrains. The the all terrain cranes are powered by one or two engines, feature hydraulically operated winches and a telescopic boom that can reach close to 60m and carry up to 130 tons, depending on the model.

Rough Terrain Truck Cranes – These cranes are mounted on a undercarriage with four rubber tires, designed for off-road applications. The rough terrain cranes offer high maneuverability and lifting capacity for pick-and-carry operations in large construction projects such as bridge-building.

Truck Mounted Cranes- Cranes mounted on a truck, capable to travel on highways. These cranes are designed with outriggers for extra stability on rough terrains. The lifting capacity of the truck mounted cranes ranges from 14 tons to 1300 tons.

Pick And Carry Truck Cranes – The pick and carry cranes can pick up heavy loads and move them in tight spaces. With these cranes, getting to the job site is easy and quickly, since they can travel on any surface. Furthermore, there is no need for outriggers, making them easy for set up.