Not Sure If You Need Asbestos Inspection? Let’s Explore The Benefits Of Getting One

By Steven Harrisson, October 15, 2014

Asbestos naturally appears in certain rocks. This mineral divides into thin, strong fibers which aren’t visible to human eye. In the past, asbestos was often used as a home building material until the middle of the 1970 and the late 1980. It was corrosion and fire resistant material, a good and strong insulator. Generally, the asbestos was used:

  • As a building material in order to improve the strength of the structure.
  • As a fireproofing material used on columns and steel beams during construction of homes.
  • As a thermal insulation.
  • As a component in acoustical plaster.
  • As an ingredient of a blend sprayed on walls and ceilings to produce a textured, soft appearance.

If any material contain more than 1% asbestos, it is considered an ACM – asbestos containing material.


Living in a house with asbestos doesn’t necessarily provide a health risk. Many people who suffer from asbestos-related health issues are exposed to this mineral over long period, like workers in factories that manufacture products with asbestos. But, when these products deteriorate in your home, or become damaged or disturbed, the asbestos fibers can be released into the air. It is a toxic material that can stay in your home for many years. Once released, the asbestos fibers can cause serious health issues. Because your health and the health of your family should always be your priority, hiring Asbestos Inspection Melbourne company for asbestos removal is a must.

If you are worried about asbestos in your home, find reliable and experienced asbestos inspection Melbourne company as soon as possible. These companies have experience and will know how to identify and remove asbestos in your home. Asbestos inspection is highly recommended when you are planning to renovate your home, especially if you cannot identify where asbestos might be. Buying a home constructed before 1985 is also another reason why you should consider asbestos inspection. If you are still not sure why you need asbestos inspection in your home, take a look at these benefits:

  • Very often the presence of asbestos in your home is not obvious as it can be inside your insulation and walls. A professional asbestos inspection Melbourne company will take samples from your property and test the samples for asbestos, so you can be 100% sure if there is asbestos in your home and where is located.
  • Asbestos inspection is a quick process which will take only 30 minutes of your free time. A quick process for keeping your home safe and everyone healthy.
  • If during the inspection, the asbestos inspection Melbourne company detects any signs of asbestos, they can recommend you a qualified removalist who will complete the job in accordance with the council regulations.