sit stand desktop workstation

Discover All Benefits a Standing Desk Has to Offer

April 27, 2018

Sitting has developed a bad name over the years and some people have even started comparing it to smoking. With the number of employees reporting back problems and discomfort during work reaching 85% you can see why that is so. Spending prolonged periods of time sitting in the same position can cause discomfort and ultimately […]

Meeting Table

Tips to Help You Discover the Ideal Meeting Table for Your Office

April 23, 2018

Every office needs a designated area that facilitates the meeting of minds and where bright, new ideas can come to light. And in today’s business world where competition is incredibly fierce, it’s especially important for companies to regularly brainstorm ideas, pitch projects, unveil innovative products, discuss changes, and meet with prospective clients. And all of […]

water resistant printer paper

Geology: Discover More of the Earth with the Right Set of Tools

February 6, 2018

As humans, it’s in our nature to search for the truths of the world, how it came to be, where it all started, what’s in the Earth’s structure, all the while we nurture the thurst for feeling free. Luckily, the combination of all this is the essence of certain professions, like that of geology, where […]

Height Adjustable Office Desk

Discover the Hype Factor Behind Height Adjustable Office Desks

August 19, 2016

When you spend so much time in the office working hard on your goals faster, you most certainly must not disregard one crucial thing – the comfort and overall level of productivity that the space offers. From the design scheme and amount of light, to the design, colours and comfort of the office furniture, all […]