Discover How to Organize the Mess of Cables in Your Home

By Ava Brown, October 12, 2018

cable management

Although we can brag about technology being increasingly wireless, it’s still heavily dependant on cords. With that being said, as much as our devices make our lives easier, they also increase the mess we have to deal with. Most of the time you don’t notice the mess of cables as they are usually hidden away behind the TV or under a desk. But when you try to unplug something or do a thorough cleaning, you finally realize the kind of tangled chaos was there the whole time, collecting dust. Luckily, it’s easy to get on top of cord clutter with the help of these three quick steps.

Tie ‘Em Up!

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Like with unruly kids, the only way to deal with unruly cables is to tie ‘em up. JK, please don’t tie your kids up! But feel free to tie those gangly cables as that’s the only way to keep them from getting messy again. The trick is to wrap together everything that’s going in the same direction or connecting the same device. For instance, if you have three cables heading to your TV, you can wrap them together using cable ties for sale that can be found at any electronics shop or packaging store. This is an effective and cheap way as a dozen of cable ties for sale can cost less than a dollar.

Label Everything!

No matter how well your cables are organized and tied together, it’s hard to tell which ones are used for what device. To help you identify your cables, it’s best to label them properly. You can do so with bread tags, price tags, masking tape, or simply by glueing a sticker to the cable with the name of the device. This way finding the right one within a group of cables will be a lot easier than digging around and tracing the length of the cable.

Get ‘Em off the Floor!

Some people’s idea of organization is just to push the group of cords in a corner. But it shouldn’t be that way. If you want to prevent your cords from collecting dust, you really need to get them off the floor. One way to elevate your cords is by mounting them on the wall with the help of a stylish hook. There are many cool hooks on the market which are specially designed for cords. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even arrange your cords on the wall so that they resemble wall art. For example, you can turn them into a vine, or create a decorative pattern. If you want your cables to be less noticeable, consider white alternatives which can blend in with the walls.