Pro’s Dos and Don’ts For a Cleaner Home

By Ava Brown, January 11, 2016

The importance of having a clean home is something we are all well aware of, although we all go about it in a different way. Regardless of where you start your cleaning project, whether it’s the kitchen or the master bathroom, the results would probably be the same, a pretty clean home, that is. Since cleaning is something we all must do on a daily basis, it’s only natural to ask ourselves how we could improve the efficiency of our cleaning methods in a more professional way.

We’ve all seen the shiny results from professional cleaning, be it on TV or in person and I believe that there’s no person that doesn’t desire to have some of those tips up his/her sleeve. As with many other things in life, sometimes the solutions are right there in front of our eyes, but we’re too busy to decode them without the helping hand of others.


I recently had a conversation with a dear friend of mine on this particular topic. Working in a reputable cleaning company, she told me that the biggest secret of professional cleaning is having a straightforward strategy. Being held captive under the constraints of time, professionals are under pressure to get out of their way by being creative with time and tricks – in the end, it’s the shine that counts and they are not allowed to whine about how and why they did what they did.

If you desire to clean more efficiently, yet in a timely manner, to learn more about the best domestic cleaning products and what it means to clean like a pro, get a hold of the following tips and expect to be surprised by their simplicity.

Know your surfaces and cleaning solutions

There are many different domestic cleaning products and improving your knowledge about how a certain product should be used and on which surfaces will also improve the way you clean your home. For example, certain cleaning products are design for glass surfaces only, some for wooden furniture while there are multi-surface cleaners.

Also, you may want to reconsider what you’re using. Nowadays, more and more environmentally aware people turn to products that contain less chemicals and more natural ingredients. If you shop online for cleaning products, go to company’s ‘about’ section and see whether they incorporate sustainability as a principle of the company. If you are in a supermarket, look for the sign that designates green products. Green products are known to be more versatile, so you’ll certainly be saving money as well as your lungs.


Clean from the top and go towards the bottom

This advice relates to every aspect of home cleaning. Start at the top of your home and work your way down to the basement – that is exactly how professionals clean. For example, when you dust, start from the ceiling by removing cobwebs, then dust the walls, picture frames, mirrors, doorways, wall lamps, etc. Now you can finally dust the baseboards. This will prevent dust from falling on already clean surfaces.

Clean from the back to the front

This is a very useful tip. If you start cleaning from the back and work your way to the front, you will be able to bring all of your domestic cleaning products with you and avoid walking over what you have already cleaned. When vacuuming the carpet, start from the farthest corner of the room and move towards the door. The same goes for sweeping and moping. And you can apply exactly the same concept to all other areas of your home.


Clean one room at a time

Once you start cleaning one room, don’t start with another until completely finished with the first one. It’s how pros do it. They know that one clean room is a great motivation, and two half messy-half clean ones are not.

Make each move count

Clean in a single direction only. Whether right or left, it’s all the same, just make sure that you are consistent. Move your hand in a steady way and in time you’ll learn to do this more quickly and no repeating will be necessary.

Wipe surfaces dry

Wipe dry all of your home surfaces. This applies to the kitchen area, bathroom as well as floor surfaces. By keeping the surfaces dry, you are ensuring the shine and preventing bacteria growth.

Stay focused

Cleaning is that one thing that requires no divided attention. Even the smallest of distraction can sometimes cost you precious hours. If you must multitask, make sure that none of the additional things you do compromise the efficiency with which you are tackling the first job. For instance, you can dust and make a short break during which you’ll put dirty clothes in the washing machine and then go back to dusting again.

In conclusion, what is important are planning and organization. Once you incorporate that in your routine, practice will make perfect.