Scooter for Senior: Discover the Features You Ought to Prioritize

By Steven Harrisson, October 3, 2018

For a senior, being able to get their mobility back can be a life-changing experience. Scooters give seniors with mobility issues an opportunity to go anywhere and do just about anything they want such as spend time with their grandkids, go grocery shopping, or just cruise the neighbourhood’s streets.

The growing demand for mobility scooters has inspired the emerging of a variety of choices available on the market, so you may find yourself struggling to decide which model to buy. When it comes to choosing scooters for senior, it is especially important to choose a model that is easy to use and operate. Here are some things you should definitely look out for in order to make the best decision.

Easy to Maneuver

When looking for scooters for seniors, check if the model you are considering has a delta tilter or a normal handlebar. For seniors that lack arm and upper body strength and dexterity, a scooter with a delta tiller is a better option than a normal handlebar. That is because delta tillers are designed for ease maneuvering even for those who lack upper body strength. This allows a more comfortable ride and also eliminates the chances of the senior losing steering control.

scooters for seniors

Easy to Get On and Off

Choosing a scooter that features a chair with swivel function can help erase getting on and off problems as it allows the user to turn the chair and be able to mount and dismount easily. Picking a scooter with a height adjustable chair is another great way to ensure that the user can get on and off easily.

Easy to Transport

The main purpose of a mobility scooter is to make things easier for its user. So, picking a heavy scooter that has a complicated folding mechanism won’t do any good. Try to find a model that has a low total weight and an easy folding mechanism – some high-tech models can even fold automatically with the push of a button. Although scooters usually have simple folding mechanisms, their weight can vary greatly. Look for a model that can be disassembled into 2 or more pieces – this can help the caregiver to easily load it into the back of their car trunk or store it away home.

Finally, before making a decision, make sure you understand the needs of the person in question. Keep in mind that going for the most expensive model isn’t always the best option, especially if the scooter is going to be used to aid the person while indoors and just going for small runs. A simple, more affordable scooter might be just what you need. But if the scooter is going to be used mostly outdoors, you should choose a sturdier off-road model. These scooters for seniors can easily take the user anywhere and everywhere they would like to go.