Stevia Nutrition Facts

By Steven Harrisson, December 7, 2015

Okay, so you’ve finally decided to break free and get white sugar out of your life once and for all! And just an hour after you’ve made that bold statement you have found yourself on the kitchen counter dwelling and trying not to put the famous teaspoon of sugar into your precious coffee. Hard isn’t it? Going off white sugar is a battle on its own; it’s hard to completely avoid it on daily basis although your motivation is probably more than strong: to detox your system, try to improve your energy level and lose a few kilograms?

It is true that you cannot completely avoid sugar, not because of your weak will, but because living solely on fruits, healthy supplements and even on a diet with no sugar whatsoever, is one very expensive lifestyle. But, there is a solution to this problem and it is called stevia. I recently bought a few healthy stevia packs after hearing from a colleague at work about its enormous benefits it has on the overall health.


What is stevia?

If you are picturing stevia as something grose with milky texture, stop right there! It is nothing similar. Stevia is a natural sweetener and is derived from the stevia plant which is a known sweetleaf. Its sweetness is largely derived from compounds in it called glycosides, from which Reb A is used mostly commercially.

Stevia comes in various ways: raw ground, powdered and as an extract. My healthy stevia packs contained powdered stevia which undergoes water processing and other possible filtering before it gets into that condition. The raw ground form is still green when you get it and no additional processing besides mechanical grinding has been done on it. Moreover, extracts that undergo a procedure in which the oils are extracted, are also available for commercial purposes.

What makes it such a healthy sweetener?

As a child, I was frequently told that sugar is bad for my teeth and my overall health. My mom was always freaking out when I’d take a piece of cake or candy because of my excessive hyperactivity later. Nowadays, I recall those moments and I realize that even today that is still the case! I still get hyperactive after a dose of sugar, which is one of the main reasons I decided to switch to stevia.

Here’s the thing with stevia:

1. it contains literally no sugar, no calories and no other macronutrients in it, which is what attracted me to it in the first place and made me buy like 3 healthy stevia packs;

2. it contains no sugar and it is still 300 times sweeter;

3. some studies have shown that it increases insulin sensitivity;

4. in comparison with aspartame and sucrose, stevia has shown to reduce postprandial insulin in the body;

Now that you have the basic facts, the next step is to do an evaluation of your overall health and see if stevia is the right thing for you. I have no doubts that it will suit you, since we all know how hard it is for your pancreas to process white artificial sugar and use it as energy source. Therefore, you know it and I know it – your decision to get off of it is more than justified and supported!