Street Style: Discover the Fashion That’s Hitting the Streets

By Steven Harrisson, November 22, 2017

The street style took the fashion industry by storm during a fashion show for the Spring 2007 Menswear Collection in Milan. Despite the predictions of many that it will be yet another soon forgotten trend, casual streetwear collections still rule the runways to this day. These days, thanks to its continuous presence in pop culture, music and social media, the unique street style has a greater impact on the fashion world than most high-end styles.

Casual Sneakers For Men

The thing that makes street style so distinctive is its versatility, which means it doesn’t follow any particular fashion rules or concepts. Instead it represents a stylish mix of different trends combined together to deliver a casual, yet sophisticated men’s dress code that never goes out of style. Some of the trends that have influenced men’s street fashion include athletic wear, punk, hip hop, sports, and skate style. This means that you don’t have to be a passionate fashionista that follows the latest trends to pull off a stylish and cool street style look. All you need are the right streetwear pieces and a bit of creativity to refresh the look of your wardrobe with trendy, casual outfits.

Cool and comfy kicks are the basis of any stylish street style outfit. To get a simple yet trendy look opt for casual sneakers for men in a neutral shade like beige, white or grey. However, if you want to take your streetwear game to the next level then a pair of patterned casual sneakers for men in a more vibrant colour like red, green, yellow or blue might be just the thing for you.

Once you’ve chosen a comfy and stylish pair of kicks, the next step is to find an equally stylish pair of jeans. Since street style is all about sophisticated comfort, it’s no surprise most of the clothing pieces are designed to be a bit over-sized. This doesn’t mean that you should wear jeans that are too baggy and loose since there is always the risk they might fall off when you move too much. Instead, opt for high-end jeans that are wide enough to provide comfort, yet still the right fit to be worn slightly rolled at the ankles cause this gives the whole look a lot cooler twist. To finish off your street style, look go for an over-sized t-shirt or hoodie in a shade that compliments the design and colour of your sneakers.