Succulent House Plants: Discover Why They Grew in Popularity

By Ava Brown, May 16, 2018

Most of us are familiar with J.K. Rowling because of what she did for the world of magic, creating the famous wizard round the globe, the boy with glasses, and a lightning bolt shaped scar on the forehead, Harry Potter. Apart from her books of Harry and his adventures, she’s famous for a quote on reading: “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book”.

succulent plants

What’s so special about this quote is you can start applying it to anything in life; I, for instance, applied it to gardening “If you don’t like gardening, you haven’t found the right plant”. What most worries people is tending to plants’ needs and eventually killing them off by not doing it right which is why they give up on gardening altogether. The great news is there is a wide range of succulent house plants for sale easy to take care of and would make you love having more of gardening in your life.

Lately, everyone seems to be a sucker for succulents, because they are perfect as indoor plants, are versatile (round leaves, pointy leaves, in shades of green, purple, orange, multicoloured) as can be, and let’s face it they have their own charms suitable for any interior décor.

succulent house plants

What’s important to know is, though succulent house plants for sale are known for being able to do well in conditions without water, they still do require it, as much as they require an organic succulent potting mix, especially when they’re still growing, when they need watering at least once a week.

Also, they prefer a well-drained soil, even between watering, which means you could do well ensuring the pots and planters have enough drainage holes. As for light, they thrive best in spots with enough brightness, but nothing of direct sunlight exposure. Knowing these basic rules of taking care of succulents means you can expect to have gardening success.


Along with their good looks, succulents are known for enchanting by being the ideal plants for just about any pot or planter you can get them into, so whatever fits your interior décor, be it vintage tiny planters, cups, or mugs, you can count on making them the perfect home for succulents. Moreover, they are among the inexpensive plant pets you can buy, so you don’t get to break your budget piling up on them.

When you think you’ve passed the basic green thumb skills level tending to the needs of succulents, you can move on to another, making your own succulents by propagating them from cuttings. How lovely is that?