Swimming Pool Cover – Discover Which Type Is Right For You

By Steven Harrisson, March 1, 2016

Now that it is summer, the season of having fun in the sun, it is the perfect time to mention a thing or two about swimming pool covers. If you have had a pool cover before, then you know making the right choice can be a bit tricky. Even trickier if you have just gotten your first pool. You may ask then, how one chooses the adequate swimming pool cover.

Prior to anything else, you have to know the type of pool you have: whether it is in-ground or above ground. In-ground pools are smaller than above ground pools and the covers could differ in size and price respectively. Once you are clear on that, to ensure you get all the enjoyment of this enormous relaxing bathtub, decide which pool features are most important to you: safety (preventing falling accidents), water evaporation or cleanliness. Along with all of this, you also have to know the different types of pool covers and learn a bit more about each of them to discover your perfect match.


If you have kids, it is logical to consider safety as your priority. Your best choice would be to pick some of the covers that are able to hold weight. The pool covers famous for this asset are the mesh pool covers. Their ability to hold weight means they are also ideal for winter season when the snow piles up (if you live in the Australian temperate zone that is), which leaves out the possibility of snow entering your pool. This is the case with rain as well, so you need not worry about rainwater passing through to your pool water.

Another type of cover that is perfect from a safety point of view, is the automatic one which can be operated by a remote. It is considered even safer than the mesh cover, though it comes with a higher price, of course. Despite that, the mesh cover is the one that is most durable (for up to 15 years), whereas the automatic one lasts less (up to 10 years).

The best covers for most effective reduction of evaporation are the solar and thermal pool covers. With these kinds of covers, you do not have to worry about constantly refilling your pool, plus it keeps all the needed chemicals in the water for maintaining the hygiene at an all time high. As the name suggests, the solar and thermal pool covers are designed to heat the water and preserve the warmth. The temperature in the pool could rise by additional eight degrees thanks to these covers. The possibilities of choosing the right solar swimming pool cover are endless, and great news about them is that by preserving the warmth, the swimming season could be prolonged so the end of summer won’t be the end of fun in the pool.

The killjoy to your swimming activities is the cleaning. Any kind of waste could find its way in your pool, be it leaves or flying litter. As hygiene puts emphasis on cleanliness, maintaining the pool clean can become quite the mundane chore, taking up hours to complete. With the right cover however, this becomes a thing of the past. All covers function as a shield protecting from waste and spare you the extra time and effort in cleaning. The difference is in your preference and the price you are willing to pay. If it is only tree leaves you are trying to avoid, you could go for a cheaper option, the so-called pool leaf cover. A word of caution: this kind of cover does not guarantee any safety concerning drowning.

Having all these things in mind will add to your swimming experience and save you time and worry. After you do your purchase, grab your swimming suit, dive in and try out some different strokes. You are all set to start your own yard Olympics.