Swimming Pool Toys – a Cool Way to Step Up Your Fun in the Sun

By Ava Brown, July 9, 2019

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When the days become longer and the temperatures go sky high we are all looking for relaxing ways to cool down. If you are one of the lucky ones who have a pool in their yard, congrats! If you love basking in the sun and tanning while holding a drink in your hand, there are ways to kick your pool game up a notch. Introducing, swimming pool toys.

Whatever your case may be – whether you want to throw on an amazing pool party, chill out by yourself or keep the kids busy – pool toys are the answer. And since there are plenty of swimming pool toys Australia made goods, choosing the best ones for you can be tricky.

swimming pool toys Australia

Dive balls and rings

Dive balls come with long fabric tails and heavier sinking weights at the end giving swimmers of all ages a challenge to enjoy. Tails are usually made of flexible neoprene and are long enough so that swimmers can grab them easily. They also come in many different colours which makes them easy to be spotted under water. Water rings are light, flexible and easy to grab. They are perfect for playing games or training, they don’t melt in the heat and are easily portable.

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Inflated bull for pool rodeo

Adults also want to have some fun in the pool, and inflated A-bull swimming pool toys Australia adventurers claim is a great choice for that. With this toy, you can challenge your family or friends to join your pool rodeo competition. Sit on it and start rocking and rolling the float. Try to hold on as long as you can to win the game. This toy for pool rodeo is made of heavy- gauge vinyl and has three air chambers for increased durability. Keep in mind that you will need a pump to blow the bull up because you won’t be able to do that by using your lung power alone.

swimming pool toys Australia 3

Volleyball set

Playing volleyball in the pool can be a really fun activity in which the entire family can participate. You can just buy a volleyball ball or you can purchase a whole set for the real deal. The set includes an inflatable ball, two anchors to keep the game from drifting across the water, and a floating base with a net. Both, the ball and the float are made of sturdy-gauge vinyl, the set itself is easy to be set up and is generally inexpensive for such a fun toy. No matter whether you want to play just for fun or you are highly competitive, this pool set is just the right toy for your fun summer activities.