Switch to Natural Sugar Alternatives: Sugar Is a Spoonful of Trouble

By Ava Brown, October 16, 2015

There is too much trouble going on around the sweet habit of consuming sugar we have all learned to adore. Therefore, today, we can hardly find a person that has not been informed about at least some of the damaging effects that come with sugar intake. And of course, we are not speaking plainly about the sugar we add to coffee and tea, but this refers to the sugar that is added to cakes, cookies and all sorts of treats that can wreak havoc with our overall health.


How Much Damage Does Sugar Really Do To The Body?

Should we simply reduce its intake or stay away from it completely (and use natural sugar alternatives only), even if it means reading the labels on everything at all times? Well, in fact, this is not quite far from the truth; with so many negative aspects, sugar has become (or, it has always been) number one enemy to our bodies. So, it should be perceived exactly for what it is – a damaging invader of our blood vessels, vicious villain to our teeth, trigger that pushes our hearts closer and closer to their expiration date and juggles with our insulin levels.

Knowing all of this, naturally, a question comes to one’s mind: Why Don’t We Simply Snap Out Of It?

Easily said than done. We all know that apart from damaging, sugar is quite addictive too. Even those people who have the will of Sisyphus, cannot avoid it at all times. Apart from being present in everything sweet, sugar has a sneaky fondness of many other food items too, such as ketchup, crisps, certain sauces and many more. In fact, it is not the substance that is to blame, but the industries that are failing to address this common issue. However, we can address it ourselves by turning to natural sugar alternatives, stop using sugar as a sweetener and avoid food and drinks that contain it as much as possible.


Furthermore, it has been proven that sugar imposes itself as one of the main reasons for heart disease, since it causes obesity and weakens the heart muscle. Only when a person starts using natural sugar alternatives do they realize how addictive, how energy draining sugar was. Yes, it may give you some initial boost, but what you are actually feeling is just the substance marching its way to the fairgrounds where all of your vital organs are at its disposal for slow and steady destruction.

Loving yourself starts with taking better care of your body and mind as a whole. Therefore, since sugar messes with both, it is high time we all decide to stop cooperating with the enemy and protect our health.