quarantine for dogs coming into Australia

Importing Pets in Australia: Discover the Best Way to Pull It Off

April 2, 2019

Moving internationally with pets is a big deal, and Australia is no exception. Each state in Australia has different regulations which means that taking into account the ones from the state you plan to move in is crucial. The rule that stays the same for all Australian states is that pets from New Zealand are […]

Dog With Collar

Investigating Dog Collars – Types and Materials

December 7, 2015

It is simple, there are different types of dog collars because there are so many different breeds of dogs, immensely varying in size, strength and behavior. Moreover, all of them may exhibit their own health issues or precaution requirements. Failing to get the right kind of dog collar may lead to having to chase your […]


Discover What Epsom Salt Detox Bath Can Do For Your Dog

February 12, 2015

You surely know the many ways you can benefit from Epsom salt, but did you know that Epson salt detox bath can also benefit your dog in many ways. From skin discomfort and open wounds to allergies, Epsom salt can bring relief to your best friend’s problems. Wound Care Epsom salt is ideal for treating […]