The Working Principle Of A Ball Mill

By Steven Harrisson, December 22, 2014

As one of the most efficient grinding machines, the ball mill is a powerful device for grinding all types of materials into fine powder. Over the years, the ball mills have earned a reputation as being highly efficient and reliable grinding machines which are used in different industries. With capacity of around 60 Hz and 115 volts, the ball mills can be used for different grinding applications. The ball mills are most commonly used for grinding materials like: cement, fire-proof materials, ceramics, silicates, chemical substances, glass and other similar materials.


What makes the ball mill so popular machine around the world is its incredibly simple but highly efficient working principle. It works on the impact principle. First, the materials that need to be reduced in size are loaded into the rotating barrel of the ball mill which is composed of grinding balls, also known as grinding media. The grinding balls are usually ceramic or are made from stainless steel. When the ball mill is turned on, the grinding balls in the rotating barrel crush and reduce the size of the materials inside.

When the barrel rotates, the grinding balls are lifted and dropped down on the materials, crushing them into smaller parts. By rotating continuously, the grinding media and materials grind each other and this process continues until the desired size is achieved. Once the material meets the operator’s needs, it is discharged from the discharge gap at the bottom of the ball mill.

For smooth and efficient grinding process, the ball mill should be operated at low operating speed, especially if the material needs to be crushed into fine powder. Therefore, most manufacturers design ball mills with low operating speed, because a very slow operation is the main advantage of this grinding machine. When using a ball mill, it is very important to grind only smaller materials in the barrel, since bigger materials may cause some damages to the grinding media.

The ball mill is the most cost-efficient grinding solution for every construction or mining company. Composed of only few components that can be easily maintained and serviced, this grinding device is capable to ensure high-quality grinding results with at low operating costs.