Tips to Help You Discover the Ideal Dining Chairs

By Ava Brown, June 22, 2018

If there’s one piece of furniture that’s present for some of the best moments in our lives – it’s the dining chair. We spent breakfasts, lunches, dinners, family gatherings, parties and celebrations seated on our hard-working dining chairs. Since during those moments we all want to feel comfortable and at ease, choosing the ideal set of chairs is of great importance. For that reason, when fitting your dining room with seating, it’s important to consider the following factors.

black kitchen counter stools 1

Settle for a Style

While comfort should certainly be the defining factor when choosing your dining chairs, before you get to it you should have e specific style in mind. After all, a chair will only feel good to your body as long as it looks good as well. Start by seeking inspiration from your existing dining room décor, but keep in mind that the chairs don’t have to match the rest of the room 100%. Instead of uniformity, think in terms of compatibility. Use styles, colours, and motifs that are compatible with each other. For instance, a sleek, white dining room table can be enhanced by the presence of some modern black dining chairs. In general, black and white is a timeless pair and the recipe for success in any minimalistic modern setting. Be careful not to match styles that are from whole different eras, like for instance Scandinavian and French provincial.

Don’t Compromise on Comfort

If you rarely host dinner parties or welcome your guests in a another room, you might not need a particularly luxurious set of chairs. But what you do need at all times is comfort. Thick, padded seats and backrests certainly provide the most comfort during meals that extend for hours. The addition of arm rests makes it even more enjoyable to use the chairs – so make sure to look for those features if you want utmost comfort. On the other hand, for some people comfort means low maintenance – especially if you have children that tend to spill their food and drinks. In that case, a leather set will be stain-resistant and easy to wipe-clean in a minute. But keep in mind that leather tends to stick to your body once the temperatures rise.

Get the Right Size

Whether you’ve settled for modern black dining chairs, or a crisp white French provincial set, remember to check whether they are the appropriate size before buying. If you already have a dining table, you need to make sure that the chairs can be tucked under it and are at least 20cm shorter so that people don’t feel confined under the table. Also, consider the width of the seats as anything less than 50cm can feel uncomfortable to sit on. There also needs to be some space around each chair, unless you want people to feel like sardines.