Unsightly Extension Cords No More: Discover the Usefulness of Surface Mount Light Socket

By Steven Harrisson, September 15, 2017

Isn’t it incredible how far we’ve gone in the world of technology? I always find it fascinating whenever something new appears in the world of gadgets, and even appliances, and what’s more fascinating is the speed of tech improvements. There’s something new almost every day.

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It’s needless to say, our homes are the reflection of this, filled with plenty of gadgets and electronics around which, not surprisingly, has resulted in a modern phenomenon, so-called iFamilies, taking into account an average Australian household has eight internet-connectable devices.

That means we have at least two electronics per person, and while it can be really practical when it comes to looking up information in seconds, or taking care of shopping online, it’s overbearing at the same time in terms of plugging them in for charging, or plugging in appliances for power supply. With all the wiring around, you can get, well, tangled at least. Not only is it increasing the risk of falling accidents, but it’s also affecting the aesthetics of your home; extension cords can be clutter too, you know. So, what’s one to do? Clearly not tossing out the dear electronics! Rather, seeking out help in the form of surface mount light socket.

This type of sockets can take care of extension cords in no time, as they are easy to install, and don’t require all the hassle other power outlets do, like tearing up your walls to fit them, then end up having to repair some damage, like covering up unnecessary holes. Adding fixtures into circuits is no longer a thing to dread, you just tie it to a switch, or receptacle. A surface mount light socket is easy to wire, has clearly-marked terminals that are also colour coded, and has sufficient amount of cable entry tear outs.

Bonus points for getting this sort of socket is you can move it just about anywhere in your home wherever you need the socket the nearest, except moist areas, such as the bathroom, and kitchen sink – there you need power outlets that aren’t limited to use around water,; something of the sort is impossible with in-wall outlets.

I don’t have to tell you the outcome is tidy interior, be that in your living room with your entertaining system (TV, tablets, laptops, phones, sound system), extra lighting in the bedroom by the bedside, or appliances in the kitchen. Besides, surface mount sockets have a nice, sleek design, both the plastic and metallic types, so they can only add to the aesthetics of your interior, without stirring up the harmony.