21 Lessons I Learned From My Mother

By Ava Brown, April 27, 2015

I often think whether the famous saying: “Like mother, like daughter” turned out to be correct in my case. You can’t really know until you have a child of your own, right? I often ask myself whether I will be successful in raising a child the way my mom was. You can’t really raise a child to be perfect and suited for all times and all situations, but you can definitely make the ground solid enough so that the child is able to mold himself/herself as times and course of life dictate.


As Mother’s Day approaches, I would like to honor my mother writing down the lessons she has taught me.

1. Discipline is crucial – In the first grade, I had to learn writing the alphabet letters. Homework was usually to write one alphabet letter on one page. Given the fact that I was a very lively child, I never wanted to stay at home and study while other children played outside. My mother used to lock the front door and I had no choice but to sit down and practice writing letters. This eventually resulted in a beautiful handwriting. I have my mother to thank for teaching me that success does not come if not committed to it.

2. Learn to think – For my mom, education is the foundation of a well-educated person. So back when I was in a primary school, math was number one priority for my mother. She would spend hours teaching to think when reading a task, and then to successfully transform it into numbers.

3. Be patient – Rushing into action is never a good thing. My mother is so patient and calm, she never gets upset or nervous about anything. She strictly believes in God and justice, and she always used to tell me: “What’s yours will eventually come to you. What’s not meant to be, it’s not worth bothering with.”

4. Be a fair player – With times changing so fast, and with different characters and believers, fair players are hard to find. And how do you become like the rest of the crowd when you already have that fair game concept in your mind? On the other hand, one thing that never changes is cosmic justice; eventually everyone gets what they deserve.


5. Take care of your parents – My mother has always treated my grandmother with respect. She would often spend her coffee breaks with her talking about me, my brother, my father, politics, life, cooking; anything my grandmother has taught her. They were close, which is why, we all as a family (including my uncles and their children) are still very close.

6. Be involved in everything you do – My mother is a proactive woman. She believes that with practice, success is inevitable. For instance, she used teach for a short period of time. Her students at first, were not committed to actually learning something, always resulting in bad grades. She then decided to change her way of teaching and would spend hours organizing the lectures providing pictures and interesting facts. The results were amazing – all her students passed the exams.

7. Laugh – It is important to laugh and to give hard situations a cheerful tone. It will help you keep a cool head and not rush into stupid actions.

8. Mind your spending – Money is something you should earn, not something your parents should earn for you. Not because they can’t earn enough, but because they won’t be here to do it forever.

9. Never spent a minute of your life doing nothing – We only have one life. Every minute that goes by is never coming back. Use it wisely.

10. Do not be afraid of work – I was never afraid of work. As a child, I used to help my mom around the house, which resulted in me being an organized person. Work molds a person, and it is given to men by God. Do not reject it.

11. Trust people – If you are skeptical, you will be alone. Forever.

12. Do not lie – Every time you tell a lie, you waste precious time and gain nothing.

13. Pay attention to your virtues, not your belongings – Probably the most important lesson I learned from my mother. Belongings change as time passes, but virtues are the real treasure that will make you remembered.

14. Don’t forget to eat – As simple as that. Nothing can be done the right way on an empty stomach. Don’t do anything important without eating first. And always carry a snack with you.

15. Don’t fear the change – Change is a good thing. It means you are evolving. You are learning. Go for it fearlessly!

16. Don’t avoid criticism – Nothing is really good until criticized.

17. Rise early – Something I didn’t really agree with until I started working.

18. Ask, ask, ask – As smart as you may think you are, you certainly are no encyclopedia. If you don’t know something, ask for help. One who asks, doesn’t wander.

19. Be active everyday – Sport is something I used to do with my father, but it is my mom who has taught me the importance of a daily moderate sport activity. Walk, run, stretch, and do not sit all day. It’s not healthy.

20. Resist the need to judge – It’s tacky, very unnecessary and a terrible waste of time.

21. You have a home, respect it – If you are absent, then you really don’t have a home, right? Always be on time for lunch, dinner and other family-related activities.

There you have it, few lessons my mom taught me. What are the lessons you learned from your mom? Spend some time and give it a thought. After all, she brought you to this world, raised you and made you the person you are; don’t you think she deserves some praise?

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