Types of ear piercings

Discover All Different Types of Ear Piercings

September 18, 2016

Ear piercings have been around for a very long time, but it was not so long ago when people started exploring all the possible options to get their ears pierced. Although there is a possibility that people have tried many different ear piercings before, all those different types of ear piercings have got their recognizable […]

Professional Photography: The Tricks Behind the Click

May 5, 2016

In this era of social self-promotion, the need for the perfect digital photo is more than just a wish for looking good – it is a way of expressing a quality, especially if you have a good eye and can catch moments that ordinary people would normally miss. Professional photographers and people who lean towards […]

modern abstract art

Behind The Spark of Modern Abstract Art

December 28, 2015

Fine art lovers are picky, that’s something I am able to say loud and proud and I will stand behind this statement at all times. Sometimes we do it purely for the sake of the argument and sometimes we judge, pick and choose based on what we truly know, feel and behold, but I haven’t […]