Before You Buy Vinyl Wall Coverings, Let’s Explore The Benefits

By Ava Brown, September 24, 2014

Running a clean house is definitely a demanding task. But with kids, it is kind of hard to keep on top of things, right? It is almost a mission impossible to ensure there are no crayon drawings on your walls, or cracks and dents from toys. It seems as if you are repainting or fixing your walls on a monthly basis. Tired of all this? If you answered ‘yes’, then consider vinyl wall coverings.

Vinyl wall coverings are one of the most durable and long lasting solutions designed for walls. Perfect for kid’s rooms, basements, entertainment rooms, etc. These coverings are also commonly seen in schools, health-care centers, labs, hospitals, and many other commercial areas. Painting your walls may seem as an easier solution, but is also a costly one in a long-run. And with vinyl wall coverings, you will have new and clean walls all the time.

Vinyl Wall Coverings

Vinyl has made a boom on the market in the recent years due to its flexibility, durability and low-cost maintenance. All these characteristics apply to vinyl wall coverings as well. They are super easy to install and come in various colours and design. Simply said, vinyl wall coverings are at the forefront of flooring industry and definitely one of the most popular wall solutions nowadays. Here are the top benefits of installing vinyl wall coverings.

Hygiene – Vinyl wall coverings are ideal for medical and pharmaceutical industry, food processing plants and any other area where hygiene is an important factor, such as your kids’ bedroom or playroom. This is because these coverings create smooth surface that will not shed with time nor collect dirt and bacterias. Vinyl wall coverings are designed to provide floor to wall protection from dirt and infection which is extremely important to caring moms.

Easy to Maintain – Stay-at-home and career moms love vinyl wall coverings because they are easy to clean and maintain. This is super beneficial for high traffic areas that are prone to dirt and spills. Regular cleaning is just about enough to keep your wall coverings clean. Just make sure you follow manufacturer’s instructions when using dilute cleaners and detergents. No need to use strong kitchen detergents on vinyl surfaces. Just use a neutral cleanser and a damp cloth. Simple as that.

Durable – Vinyl wall coverings can last for over 15 years. Instead of repainting your walls every year, install vinyl wall coverings. Unlike paint which wears down and peels off easily, vinyl wall coverings will look like as on the day you bought them for years to come.